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Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy

Kaweah Health is a 613-bed, not-for-profit, community-based teaching facility anchored by Kaweah Health Medical Center, its 480-bed, level III trauma center. Kaweah Health spans eight campuses, including the largest acute care hospital in Tulare County, Kaweah Health Medical Center which plays a significant role in the health and well-being of California's great Central Valley. With more than 300 physicians and 5,000 employees, Kaweah Health has provided the people living and working in California's bustling Central Valley with access to comprehensive, high quality health care for more than 60 years. Kaweah Health provides a full spectrum of acute care health care services utilizing an array of cutting-edge medical technology - from emergency services, cardiac services, cancer care, neurosurgery, neonatal and pediatric care, sleep disorders, vascular labs, specialized orthopedics, comprehensive rehabilitation and mental health services. An expansive rural health clinic system that includes 6 outpatient clinics gives patients in rural areas better access to health care in Tulare County. Additionally, the Kaweah Health Specialty Clinic rounds out the outpatient services focusing on improvement of outpatient self-care for patients with chronic illnesses at risk for readmission to the hospital.

Kaweah Health Medical Center is home to da Vinci Si robotic surgery, a new endo-urology suite, a state of the art endovascular operating room, and 64 CT radiological technology. The main medical center is a wireless environment offering healthcare providers access to Electronic Medical Records, Citrix interface from home or office and integration with tablet technology.

At Kaweah Health you will find a supportive, collegial environment and a family of healthcare professionals and staff who are committed to expanding our range of services and incorporating best evidence-based practices to provide excellent patient care. Dedicated leaders will keep you connected and informed about hospital infrastructure and administrative policies.

The Department of Pharmacy provides both inpatient and outpatient pharmacy services. The inpatient pharmacy provides both distributive and clinical pharmacy services to acute care patients at Kaweah Health Medical Center as well as to Kaweah Health Rehabilitation Hospital, Kaweah Health Mental Health Hospital and Kaweah Health Nursing Center. Outpatient pharmacy services include a Home Infusion and Employee Pharmacy and extensive ambulatory care services focusing on Anticoagulation Management, Transitions of Care, Chronic Disease State Management, Pain Management and Family Medicine. The Department of Pharmacy is comprised of over 160 full time employees.

Mission Statement

The Kaweah Health Department of Pharmacy is dedicated to providing high quality pharmacy services that result in outstanding health outcomes across the continuum of care. We are committed to delivering excellent service for our patients and customers by providing efficient, caring, professional and financially strong services in an ideal work environment that encourages excellence, teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement.