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Family Birthing Center

Maternity & Infant Healthcare at Kaweah Health

At Kaweah Health Family Birthing Center, we are honored to be part of your birthing experience. As a patient-focused care unit, we are dedicated to provide you with the delivery experience you deserve. The Family Birthing Center has specialized caregivers that will be with you every step of your journey.


Kaweah Health
400 West Mineral King Ave.
Visalia, California 93291
(559) 624-2000

  • Labor and Delivery Triage area – 2 East
  • Labor and Delivery Unit – 2 East
  • Mother Baby Unit – Acequia Tower third floor
  • NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) – Acequia Tower sixth floor
Preparing for the Birth of your Baby

There’s a lot to learn when preparing for the birth of your baby. We want you to be completely confident in the facility in which you give birth, and at the prospect of going home to being your journey as a new parent. Use the link below for resources to help you prepare for the birth of your baby:

Frequently asked questions: Family Birthing Center

Other Services Available

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells for potential medical use for the treatment of genetic disease, blood disorders and a wide range of cancers. There are a variety of companies that process cord blood for banking. The company you choose will provide you with a cord blood banking kit, make sure you bring this kit with you upon admission to the hospital. We at the Family Birthing Center and your obstetrician will collect all items needed for your kit following delivery.

Cesarean Sections (C-sections)

If you have had a previous cesarean section, your obstetrician may determine that you need to schedule another cesarean section or participate in a “trial of labor.” If you are planning a cesarean delivery, your obstetrician's office will call the Family Birthing Center and schedule your first time (primary) or repeat cesarean section. Our scheduling office staff will call you the day prior to your scheduled surgery and provide you with the following instructions:

  • Nothing by mouth after midnight, this includes liquids/water and food.

  • Shower the night before and the morning of your surgery. It is recommended that you use an antibacterial soap such as Dial, but any soap that has antibacterial on the label is acceptable.

  • Arrive to the Family Birthing Center two hours prior to your scheduled cesarean section.

Visit the Labor and Delivery page

After You Have your Baby

We have free monthly classes to help you after you have your baby and support you in your new role as a parent. Visit the links below for dates and time.

Parking Instructions

Parking is available at Kaweah Health Medical Center parking lot, the parking structure on Locust St., or the Acequia Wing Parking structure located at Floral Street and Acequia Avenue. Valet parking is available at the Mineral King entrance only, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on weekends 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Arriving at Night

If you have to come to the Family Birth Center and it is after 9 p.m., you must enter through the Emergency Room and check in with security. Security will then direct you to the second floor to Labor and Delivery or the Labor Triage Unit.

    Other Services

    We also have a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for infants that need critical care, and a mother-baby unit were new parents can rest and visit with their child after delivery.

    Your Satisfaction

    We at Kaweah Health Family Birthing Center regard patient satisfaction a high priority. We hope your stay with us will be pleasant and memorable. Your nurse will provide you with a survey on your labor experience. The manager of Labor and Delivery welcomes your feedback on your experience on this unit.

    After discharge, you may receive a paper survey asking about your treatment and your care at the Family Birthing Center. Your feedback is appreciated as it helps us to celebrate what we are doing well and on what we can do better.

    Thank you for choosing the Kaweah Health Family Birthing Center for the birth of your baby. If you have questions, please call (559) 624-2000.