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Kaweah Health's Patient Services

As a patient of our hospital, it is important to us that you feel safe and comfortable while staying with us. All of your energy should be focused on recovering, not missing the convenience of staying in your home. While a hospital will never replace your own home environment, our goal is to mitigate the sting you feel leaving your house to receive vital medical care. With nutritious meals, extended visiting hours, and free Wi-Fi, your hospital stay will cater to as many of your desired comforts as possible.

Patient amenities include:

  • Nutritious patient meals - During your stay with us, a nutrition host/hostess will stop by your room every day to go over meal options. As eating well is an important part of your treatment, your meal will be designed around the diet prescribed by your physician.
  • Electric outlets - Rooms do come with electrical outlets for your appliances. Please be aware that only certain devices are permitted, and all items must be inspected by the Clinical Engineering Department. Electrical heating blankets are not allowed.
  • Interpreters - Language differences should never be a barrier to quality health care. We are staffed with interpreters for over 150 different languages who represent patients at no cost.
  • Spiritual Care - We provide interfaith services from trained chaplains. Spiritual care caters to people of all faiths, including non-religious counseling for people without a faith tradition. You do not have to abstain from your spiritual journey during your stay at Kaweah Health.
  • KD MYCHART- This is an online service that provides patients with easy access to their medical records. For more information about this service, please call 559-624-5120.
  • Satellite television - Sometimes you just need an escape. We provide patients with access to over 40 TV channels to help them pass the time.

For more information on our patient services, visit the following pages: