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Heritage Club/Planned Giving

Heritage Club Mission

To provide a permanent funding source for Kaweah Health programs, projects and care that creates a long-lasting legacy.

Why Join the Heritage Club?

Since 1986, the Kaweah Health Heritage Club had been leading the way to a healthier future for our community. Club members have come together to ensure that Kaweah Health provides quality healthcare for generations to come with their support, creating a lasting legacy of generosity.

Members’ gifts are part of an endowment that will one day provide a regular revenue stream for Kaweah Health. Once the endowment reaches $25 million, interest earned from the funds will be used to purchase equipment, remodel buildings, and offer patients the quality healthcare they deserve. With careful management, the endowment will never run out, and be there as long as there is a need.

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope.”
– Lucy Larcom, 19th-century poet & teacher

Nearly 400 people who want to leave a legacy of care even when they are no longer here to see it have joined the Heritage Club. Their vision for a healthy future means the endowment is halfway to its goal. Join them in planting hope that runs deep in our community, for lifetimes to come. Become a Heritage Club member through a gift now or commitment through your will or trust.

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More About Planned Giving

Heritage Club members make a gift of $5,000 or more (per person) now or through a gift of a similar amount through their will or trust. Annual installments of $1,000 also may be given. Gifts can be check, credit card, or stock transfer. See your financial planner for ways to ensure your donation does the most good for you and for the future of Kaweah Health.

Check Out Our Wall

Heritage Club members who have made their gift through a donation, will or trust have their names engraved on this beautiful tree, located in the lobby of the hospital’s Acequia Wing.

Life in Full Bloom

The Kaweah Health Foundation celebrates and memorializes Heritage Club members each year at our springtime event, Life in Full Bloom. Held at the Visalia Country Club or other like venues, the event is a chance to recognize new members, say farewell to those who have passed, and give members’ guests a taste of what the Heritage Club is all about.

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