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Professional Advancement System

Professional Advancement System for Nurse Clinicians

This voluntary bonus program for direct care registered nurses represents a collaborative effort between nursing staff, nursing leadership, and human resources to support Kaweah Health’s nursing vision and philosophy, achieve organizational goals, and enhance patient care. The criteria and processes of the professional advancement system are understood to be dynamic in order to promote professional development and balanced participation in evidence based decision making and practice changes.

Here’s what some of our nurses have to say about the program:

"The program empowers nurses to strive for professional excellence. It inspires staff nurses to reach for higher goals as we participate in policy changes, quality improvement and community service. It is an avenue to share your journey and hopefully inspire other healthcare workers."

Kim Thompson – Labor & Delivery

"The Professional Advancement System allows nurses to become more knowledgeable with skills, experience, critical analysis, problem solving, and evidence based practice. The program opens your eyes in a way that makes you want to better yourself, the department you work in, and the hospital; it helps nurses grow in ways that are unimaginable!"

Brian Piearcy – Surgery

"The overall process has opened my eyes to how I can contribute in my role as a staff nurse to aid in the improvement of patient care and have input on the systems that go on within our organization."

Jeanette Callison – ICU

"The program has great worth in that it promotes unit involvement, dedication and betterment of nursing practice. I found myself searching for opportunities to complete my professional advancement goals throughout the year – providing me with the ability to help my patients, parents of patients and unit members."

Cheryl Oliveira – NICU

"I believe the Professional Advancement System has fostered role development. It was a goal of mine to become certified in my field after two years of practice. However, participating in the program provided the incentive to complete my certification this year. I am very proud of this accomplishment and wear the “CNOR” on my badge with pride!"

Rebecca Brown – Surgery

"When the people in the community think of nurses, they don’t think of someone who simply clocks in and out. They think of someone they trust, that is involved with the community, and who is actively engaged with decision making and change for the better! We are a team and the Professional Advancement System helps lift the level of commitment the members of the team possess."

Michelle Cody – MCH Flex Team

"To succeed in the program you have to contribute to your department in ways that do make a difference to our patients, physicians, and co-workers. Participants become committed to making a positive change in their department; they become more involved in the hospital as a whole."

Wendy Heatherly – Surgery