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Float Pool Education

Kaweah Health Nursing Float Pool

Our Mission Statement: Excellent patient-centered care no matter where, using our diverse knowledge base, skill-set and autonomy, while providing staff reinforcement to departments throughout Kaweah Health!



TOPIC 1: Modified Early Warning Signs (MEWS) Alert - Download PDF

  • Effective December 17, 2018 the MEWS Alert in KD*Hub (Cerner) will be turned off.

TOPIC 2: Using Cath Lab Report - Download PDF

  • Medications given during a Cath Lab or Interventional Radiology (IR )procedure are not documented in PowerChart. They are documented in a different system (Sensis) that provides needed functionality specific to Cath Lab/IR.


IV/CLABSI Infection Rate & Practice Change

Urgent Essential Information Pertaining to Practice Change Effective Monday, October 22. 2018:

Additional Resources

Arrhythmia Study Tools

Click on the following link to conduct a practice tests. Please note a new browser will open and you will need to allow for the test to load, which may take a few minutes.

Arrhythmia Class Quiz - Chapters 1, 2, 3

Arrhythmia Class Quiz - Chapters 4, 5, 6

Arrhythmia Class Quiz - Chapters 7, 8

Investigating the PR Interval

(Practice tests and these documents are also available in KDCentral – KDUniversity – Service Line Education)

Additional Resources

Analyzing a strip.pdf
Arrhythmia Study Guide 1 Normals.pdf
Atrial Rhythms.pdf
Atrium Chest Quick Guide.pdf
Atrium printable wall chart.pdf
Arrhythmia Study Guide 4 Blocks and Weird Stuff.pdf
Blocks vs Arrest and Escape Beats.pdf
ECG Measurements.pdf
Electrolytes and EKGs.pdf
Arrhythmia Study Guide 3 Junctional and Ventricular.pdf
Junctional Rhythms.pdf
Arrhythmia Study Guide 4 Sinus and Atrial.pdf
Ventricular Rhythms.pdf

EnFit Multifunction Port for Enteral Feeding - Essential Information- (Click To Open PDF)

(Go Live March 12, 2018)

  • This essential information provides information about the transition to ENFit compatible Multifunction Port on March 12th. It has finally passed all the FDA requirements and will be stocked in our facility.

Lymphedema Wraps – PT/OT will be changing the wrap - (Click To Open PDF)

  • Nursing is responsible for assessing the skin under the wrap and coordinating with PT/OT to rewrap the affected extremity (see the attachment for full details).

Vital Variety - (Click To Open PDF)

  • New class developed to review Cardiac medication, Diabetes, and Sepsis (FP staff will be teaching this portion) – This class will be offered 3 times a year see the attachment for full details)

CLIP Forms - (Click To Open PDF)

  • Central Line Insertion Procedure form (CLIP) is a monitoring form that must be filled completed at the bedside during every Central Line Insertion – Go live 3/1/2018 (see the attachment for full details)

    If you have questions or concerns please contact the following individuals Molly Niederreiter Therapy Manager (Lymphedema Wrap), Emma Camarena (CLIP forms), and Cindra Cochran (Vitals Variety).

C. Diff policy 10.2017 PROCESS CHANGE NEW KNOWLEDGE info - (Click To Open PDF)

PolicyTech Search & Customize Tips - (Click To Open PDF)

Vanco and Zosyn 102017 PROCESS CHANGE NEW KNOWLEDGE info - (Click To Open PDF)

Blood Policy Update 9.2017 - PROCESS CHANGE NEW KNOWLEDGE info - (Click To Open PDF)

Mortuary Form 9.2017 PROCESS CHANGE NEW KNOWLEDGE info - (Click To Open PDF)


Wound Documentation - Essential Information - (Click To Open PDF)

  • Initial documentation includes assessment, description, photograph (see policy PC.230)
  • Shift assessment includes documentation of intervention, findings, assessment and effectiveness of interventions.
  • Weekly documentation (Wound Wednesday) should include measurement
  • Photographs should be done on discovery, initial assessment, or changes when unresolved.