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Surgery Services

Surgery/Operating Room

Kaweah Delta strives to bring you the latest technology and surgical procedures, including DaVinci Robotic Surgery, Stealth Navigation for spine surgery, the Rosa Robot for Total Knee Surgery, and CT Navigation for Sinus surgery. The surgery team comprises an anesthesiologist or CRNA, registered nurses, surgical technologists, registered nurse first assistants, anesthesia techs, and surgical team assistants. Surgeries performed are General, Orthopedic, Spine, Neuro, Urology, Eye, Vascular, Robotic, ENT, Trauma, and Plastic, just to name a few. The department is fast pace with a high volume of around 10,000 cases annually.

Ambulatory Surgery Center/ASC

Preparation and recovery of surgical patients.

Types of surgery include orthopedic, general, GYN, trauma, podiatry, urological, neurology, and all traditional ambulatory services.

PACU- Post-Anesthesia Care Unit

PACU receives patients after surgery, monitor them as they wake up from general anesthesia, and assist with pain control before patient is transferred to the next phase; to be discharged home or admitted to the hospital floor for recovery.


The 8-bed Endo Lab provides a unique variety of inpatient and outpatient endoscopic interventions. Being a full-service vice lab performing gastroscopy, colonoscopy, 24-hour ambulatory pH monitoring, esophageal motility, and bronchoscopy. These procedures are diagnostic and therapeutic in nature and are supported by a dynamic team of highly qualified Physicians, Nurses, and Respiratory Care technicians. Staff work 10-hour shifts with call requirements.