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Respiratory Services in Tulare County

Kaweah Health Breathing Assistance

The Respiratory Care Department at Kaweah Health Medical Center provides services from the emergency department to home care instruction. Our respiratory care practitioners provide complete cardio-pulmonary assessment, therapy, education, and training for patients with breathing disorders and work with patients on an inpatient and outpatient basis to provide the best quality care.

Respiratory care oversees all oxygen therapy for patients at Kaweah Health. Our therapists work closely with all other ancillary services, including discharge planning, to ensure that patients are comfortable with their care throughout their hospital stay as well as when they return home.

Inpatient respiratory services include:

  • Life support systems

  • Oximetry - single, trending and nocturnal

  • Arterial blood gas evaluation

  • Nebulizer therapy

  • Pre-op and post-op teaching

  • Chest physical therapy

  • Comprehensive assessment of respiratory care needs in acute, subacute, and home care.

  • Comprehensive pulmonary testing

Better Breathers Club

The Better Breathers Club is a program coordinated through Kaweah Health where patients with asthma and lung disease learn how to better manage and cope with their condition. Patients work with specialists highly familiar with their specific condition. This sense of camaraderie has proven to be beneficial to the patient's mental and emotional wellbeing.