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For the Media

The Media Relations Department at Kaweah Health Medical Center is happy to assist members of the media in getting timely and accurate information for news stories. We are here to help coordinate interviews with staff, patients and their families. We are available to handle interview, information, and patient condition requests.

Media Contact

Media Relations: 559-624-5985 or 559-280-9374.

Visiting Kaweah Health

We're happy to accommodate media visits on Kaweah Health campuses, as long as a member of the Marketing & Public Relations Department is notified prior to the reporter arriving at our facility. We also ask that media members become familiar with HIPAA regulations prior to entering our facilities.

Additional Guidelines

Even if contacted first by a patient family, all media visits to Kaweah Health must be coordinated through the Marketing & Public Relations Department.

Federal law and Kaweah Health policy require that a signed "Consent to Photograph" form be completed by a patient prior to any photographs being taken. There are areas of our hospital where photography is not allowed. Please confer with a member of our Marketing & Public Relations Department for further explanation of these areas.

Media members must be accompanied by a Kaweah Health staff member at all times while on the hospital campus.

Please be advised that while every effort will be made to secure patients for interviews, often times this is not possible due to privacy and/or health issues. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

These regulations include all Kaweah Health-owned and operated facilities.