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Employee of the Year

Julio Sanchez has been a Kaweah Health employee for 44 years, beginning his career as an orderly in his teens and later completing nursing school, earning his Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Known by his colleagues at Sequoia Regional Cancer Center (SRCC) as the backbone of the center, Julio inspires co-workers with his world-class care. His compassion, listening skills, and empowerment provide hope to patients facing cancer diagnoses. Julio advocates tirelessly for improvements that benefit his patients, solving problems to ensure timely treatments. He is also respected by physicians and colleagues, and his input helps shape the vision at SRCC. Outside of work, he serves on the Oncology Nurses Society board and volunteers with local family support organizations. Admired for his kindness, humor, wisdom, and outstanding nursing knowledge, Julio is leaving a lasting impact on patients, colleagues, and the community. Kaweah Health is honored to name Julio Sanchez as its 2024 Employee of the Year.