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Medical Staff

The Medical Society of Tulare and Kings County announces its physician of the year

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:: Medical Staff Officers

Chief of Staff Monica M. Manga, M.D.
Vice Chief of Staff Daniel Hightower, M.D.
Secretary/Treasurer Julianne E. Randolph, D.O.
Immediate Past Chief of Staff Byron R. Mendenhall, M.D.

:: Department Chairs

Anesthesia Chair Bradlee Bachar, MD
Anesthesia Vice Chair Evan Villaluz, MD
Cardiac Services Chair Ankur Gupta, M.D.
Cardiac Services Vice Chair Ashkan Attaran, M.D.
Critical Care, Adult Hospitalists, and Pulmonology Chair Paul Marks, M.D.
Critical Care, Adult Hospitalists, and Pulmonology Vice Chair Niraj Patel, M.D.
Emergency Medicine Chair Sakona Seng, D.O.
Emergency Medicine Vice Chair Chadi Kahwaji, M.D.
Family Medicine Chair Mario Martinez, M.D.
Family Medicine Vice Chair Stephen Zerlang, D.O.
Internal Medicine Chair Tariq Javed, M.D.
Internal Medicine Vice Chair Candice Lovelace, D.O.
OB/GYN Chair Sandra Bosman, M.D.
OB/GYN Vice Chair Abraham Betre, D.O.
Pathology Chair David Kaufman,M.D.
Pathology Vice Chair David Hewitt, M.D.
Pediatrics Chair Julianne Randolph, D.O.
Pediatrics Vice Chair Humam Alosh, M.D.
Psychiatry Chair Abdolreza Saadabadi, M.D.
Psychiatry Vice Chair Mandeep Bagga, M.D.
Radiology Chair Glade Roper, M.D.
Radiology Vice Chair Douglas Blume, M.D.
Surgery Chair Kartheek Nagappala, M.D.
Surgery Vice Chair Sebastiano Cassaro, M.D.
Credentials Committee William Roach, M.D.
Peer Review Committee Harjoth Malli, M.D.
Steven Carstens, D.O.
GME Committee Richard Pantera, M.D.