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Resident Salaries 2021 - 2022

  • CBY (PGY 1) $62,400
  • CA 1 (PGY2) $64,272
  • CA 2 (PGY3) $66,206
  • CA 3 (PGY4) $68,182

5 flex days

  • Instead of having a total of 4 weeks (20 days) vacation, we provide 3 weeks vacation with 5 flex days. Flex days can be used at any time during the year to take time off from clinical duty. Some of the many ways these flex days can be used include:

    • Adding onto an existing vacation

    • Adding to a long weekend

    • Additional sick days

    • Attending family events

    • Extra study days for ITE or boards

    • Fellowship interviews

Wellness days

  • One Saturday during the year, all the residents will get together for a program sponsored bonding activity.

Resident retreat


  • WARC attendance is fully sponsored by GME, including excusal from clinical duties.
  • Other conference attendance encouraged ie: ASA, CSA, etc. Excused from clinical duties


  • Food stipend to be used at Cafeteria: $1200/year
  • Lunch meals provided every week day in surgery lounge
  • Education and supplies: $1000/year

Anesthesia resident call room with a memory foam mattress topper, mini fridge, computer, TV, and fully stocked snacks!

GME resident lounge with snacks and work space.

Every other month resident social activity (alternates with journal club).

Faculty mentorship: At the beginning of residency each resident is assigned to a “family” that provides mentorship, guidance, and support during your training.