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Resident Salaries 2021 - 2022

  • CBY (PGY 1) $66,560
  • CA 1 (PGY2) $68,557
  • CA 2 (PGY3) $70,614
  • CA 3 (PGY4) $72,732

5 flex days

  • Instead of having a total of 4 weeks (20 days) vacation, we provide 3 weeks vacation with 5 flex days. Flex days can be used at any time during the year to take time off from clinical duty.

Wellness days

Resident retreat


  • WARC attendance is fully sponsored by GME, including excusal from clinical duties.
  • Other conference attendance encouraged ie: ASA, CSA, etc. Excused from clinical duties


  • Food stipend to be used at Cafeteria: $1200/year
  • Lunch meals provided every week day in surgery lounge
  • Education and supplies: $1000/year

Anesthesia resident call room with a memory foam mattress topper, mini fridge, computer, TV, and fully stocked snacks!

GME resident lounge with snacks and work space.

Faculty mentorship: At the beginning of residency each resident is assigned to a “family” that provides mentorship, guidance, and support during your training.