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What A Difference A Trainer Makes

  • Author: Kristi Mefford
  • Date Submitted: Jan 9, 2019
  • Category: General Care

As my trainer pointed out early in our training, every person has a reason for walking into a gym. I would like to share the reasons that motivated me to walk into the Lifestyle Center (TLC) and embark on my current health and fitness journey.

Even though I knew that a healthy lifestyle includes exercise and nutritious meals, my style of living was directly opposite. Despite numerous attempts to change, I allowed everything else in my life to become an excuse and failed to take care of my health. My weight climbed, my energy dropped, my blood pressure went up, and my joints hurt. I ignored my health and decided that my job, family and outside obligations were more important.
I was upset when my parents gave me my first membership to TLC as a Christmas gift. I was offended, went twice and cancelled it.

my grown children and my grandchildren, I found that I lacked the physical and mental energy to engage in my family’s active lifestyle. They made accommodations for me because I physically could not participate. I felt ancient. I was facing Bythe r Kristi Mesult oefff yoredars of inactivity, poor eating habits, excessive weight and lack of exercise. I felt overwhelmed at the magnitude of changes that I was facing and I feared that I would fail to make them. I joined TLC again.
Since I chose to join this time, I was invested. I went to water aerobic classes occasionally and had some success. Nevertheless, I allowed other activities to once again become more important than taking care of myself. I changed careers, went back to college and got a degree, but my health suffered. I knew that I needed to change, but did not have a plan.

TLC gave me the map I needed to straighten my path. In 2017, I more regularly attended water aerobics and, as I went more consistently with a “I will show my family” attitude, I made progress and felt better. The water aerobics instructors were positive and answered questions to help me succeed. They encouraged me to incorporate workouts outside of the pool, but I did not have the self-confidence for that yet.
I struggled to keep up with my grandchildren and decided that I was not going to spend my life with regrets. I returned to the gym and asked about personal training. I had the conviction to make major changes. When I began discussions with my prospective trainer, I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and compassionate understanding for my impending journey. It was easy to see that she loved what she did and her enthusiasm was infectious. She made me believe that what I felt was impossible was possible. She set ground rules: work hard or she would not train me. This was just what my competitive streak needed. I thought, “I will show her!”
If it were not for her positivity, I think that I would have quit after our first session – I could barely get up from the floor. However, she just held out her hand, pulled me up and said, “We will get there.” How could I not work hard for someone who believed in me? I trusted her knowledge in presenting me with challenges that I could achieve and she continues to push me. Although I do not have a formal athletic background, I was willing to try new things
and wanted this process to lead to an active lifestyle outside the gym. I love that she uses
a non-traditional work style to achieve fitness goals – boxing, weight lifting, soccer, biking, core work, and balance with circuit and high-intensity interval training. She even still lets me play in the water – only at faster speeds!

Other TLC staff members have supported my journey by testing and measuring my progress, helping me with weights and machines, and offering encouragement. My water aerobics instructors continue to inspire and challenge. I love the smile I receive from the front desk staff when I arrive after a stressful workday knowing that I have two hours of hard work ahead. Seeing a friendly face and hearing
a happy greeting with encouraging words reinforces – “I am in the right place!”

Since starting in September 2017, I am overjoyed with my achievements even in the short time that my trainer and I have worked together. I have reduced my weight by more than 70 pounds and greatly reduced by Body Mass Index. I have improved my balance, I have more strength, and I have increased stamina. I also have less joint pain, lower blood pressure and have decreased my bad cholesterol, while increasing my good cholesterol. I am participating in activities that I have not done in years – and it feels wonderful. I am happy!