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TEVAR Procedure

TEVAR stands for thoracic endovascular aortic repair, and it is a kind of minimally-invasive surgery. The TEVAR procedure is for people with an aneurysm in the upper part of the body's main artery (aorta). The aorta is the body's largest artery, and an aneurysm is a weak spot that bulges out of the artery. If an aneurysm bursts, it can be deadly.

The TEVAR procedure can fix problems in the aorta, specifically in the chest area. Instead of traditional surgery where a surgeon makes a large opening, or incision, TEVAR uses small incisions and special tools put into the blood vessels. The TEVAR procedure helps to repair weak or damaged parts of the aorta by placing a fabric tube called a stent graft to make the weak area stronger and restore proper blood flow. Minimally-invasive surgeries like TEVAR often means less pain, shorter recovery time, and smaller scars compared to traditional surgery.