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Better Heart Health

Health Tips for A Happy Heart

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Summer Heart Health
Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. Knowing the signs and calling 911 immediately can help save someone’s life. Symptoms include a strong, rapid pulse; high fever above one hundred three; throbbing headache, and red, hot, dry skin. Call 911 immediately if you see these symptoms.

Heat Exhaustion

Stay safe in the summer and warm months by knowing the symptoms of heat exhaustion. If you’re experiencing headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea or heavy sweating, move to a cool place, loosen clothing, sip cool water, and seek help if your symptoms don’t improve.

Staying Active in Hot Weather

Summer temperatures shouldn't stop you from jogging, hiking, or being active outside, but be aware of the danger of heat exhaustion brought on by exertion. Exercise caution when you work out in the heat. Be active in the early morning or after sunset. Move your workout indoors to the gym or try swimming a few laps.