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Below are comments from recent visiting learners and students here at Kaweah Health:

KD allows for great medical exposure and an awesome environment for learning. I only wish I could've done every rotation offered here!" "The faculty and staff at KD are not only great clinicians, but amazing teachers as well. They've cultivated an open and non-hostile atmosphere that's awesome for learning!" Can't recommend KD highly enough if you're a medical student considering them for clinical rotations. Awesome attendings and residents, and the wonderful GME staff make the scheduling process and rotation as amazing as possible!- MS4 Nathan -

The hands-on experience, combined with evidence-based practice, far exceeded my initial expectations and was rivaled solely by the friendly and remarkably helpful faculty and staff.-MS4 Brandon-


I have had wonderful experiences with all my rotations at KDH. The attendings are not only incredibly well trained physicians, but also amazing teachers. Their desire to teach encouraged my desire to learn. The plethora of procedures is unparalleled by any other hospital at which I have rotated. I would recommend Kaweah Health to any medical student that wants to get the most out of their education! - MS4 Joanna -

Kaweah Health is an institution where preceptors teach by allowing students hands on instruction. As a medical student I have been given countless opportunities to work directly with patients which has helped me to improve in all areas of patient care.- MS4 Jared-

I would highly recommend Kaweah Health because of their undifferentiated patient population, high volume and acuity, and the autonomy that they afford to medical students, which is unparalleled when compared to other institutions that I rotated at. Resident and Medical Student education is a priority here and the faculty really go out of their way to teach and give timely and constructive feedback to students.- MS4 Babek-

My training at Kaweah Health has been excellent at every level. From the hands on clinical training to the supportive GME staff, Kaweah Health GME has been there at every step to ensure my success. When you are here, you are more than just a student passing through, you are like family.-MS3 Andy -

I wanted to complete my 4th year at Kaweah Health because of its close proximity from home and the incredible things I have heard from my upperclassmen and my experience at Kaweah has been nothing short of incredible. So far I have completed 3 electives and currently doing a 4th one. My first 2 electives were purely outpatient and I worked directly with the attendings. They were extremely pleasant to work with and were eager to teach and impart any wisdom that they could. By being at super busy clinics I was able to work independently and gain a lot of hands on experience. My next elective was an inpatient ICU setting and equally busy. This time I had a throng of residents, nurses, and techs to teach and guide me as well. The residents were tremendously helpful and patient. One aspect about this particular rotation that I liked a lot was that the residents were from different residencies (EM, Transitional, Surgery and Family Med) and all of them taught me something that was unique to there field of interest , for e.g. the Surgery and EM residents refreshed my memory and skills on how to suture and tie knots, Dr. Wolfe (EM resident) spent a decent amount of time familiarizing me with the art of ultrasound, Family Med resident imparted advice on long term patient care and transitional residents esp Dr. Bhakta answered any and every question that I had. Choosing Kaweah Health for my 4th year electives has been one of the great decisions I have made.- MS4 Mehrab-

Kaweah Health has an unique and vivacious culture that allows students to excel. They have provided me with the resources necessary to obtain excellent medical education and clinical skills before residency placement. GME has been incredibly helpful in coordinating my clinical rotations. A big thanks goes out to the GME medical education coordinator Lindsay Christiansen who is passionate and genuinely cares about medical students achieving their goals and enhancing their educational experience. I am happy that Kaweah Health as provided me the education and clinical skills necessary to be the skilled physician I plan on becoming - MS4 Subi -