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Kids Town Hall

Elementary Kids Town Hall

Hosted on Wednesday, February 24, 2020

  1. Is the COVID-19 spread slowing down in our area? - WATCH VIDEO
  2. When will the spread slow down enough for us to get back to school? - WATCH VIDEO
  3. If someone dies from COVID, are they still contagious? - WATCH VIDEO
  4. When will kids get to return to school on Wednesdays again? - WATCH VIDEO
  5. What age does someone need to be to get the COVID-19 vaccine and why? - WATCH VIDEO
  6. How do they know the COVID vaccine actually works? - WATCH VIDEO
  7. If I carry an Epi-Pen for a shellfish allergy, can I get the COVID vaccine? - WATCH VIDEO
  8. Will students still continue half-day and remote learning for the remainder of this school year? - WATCH VIDEO
  9. Do you know when The Creative Center will be open again for kids with disabilities? - WATCH VIDEO
  10. Does COVID-19 come back again after you've had it once? - WATCH VIDEO
  11. If I take the injection Actemra, will the COVID-19 vaccine affect it? - WATCH VIDEO
  12. If my mom gets sick at home with COVID, how do I stay safe? - WATCH VIDEO
  13. Do the kids have to do State testing in-person, or online? - WATCH VIDEO
  14. How will this year affect my child's test scores? - WATCH VIDEO
  15. If a child who has a really bad illness gets COVID, how are they treated for COVID? - WATCH VIDEO
  16. If you get COVID more than once, does it affect you as badly the second time? - WATCH VIDEO
  17. What tier do we need to be at for day programs to reopen? - WATCH VIDEO
  18. Why does the COVID require two doses? - WATCH VIDEO
  19. Where can community members get vaccinated? - WATCH VIDEO
  20. Why do we still need to wear masks if we get the COVID vaccine? - WATCH VIDEO
  21. If more people die with the flu than COVID, why do they make COVID-19 sound so much more dangerous? - WATCH VIDEO
  22. Why are schools and churches closed, but stores are open? - WATCH VIDEO
  23. Is there a possibility schools will still be online in the fall? - WATCH VIDEO
  24. Can animals get COVID?- WATCH VIDEO
  25. What is VUSD doing to try to get students to return to school in the fall? - WATCH VIDEO
  26. If you get COVID more than once, does it make your immune system weaker or stronger?- WATCH VIDEO
  27. When will recess return to normal? - WATCH VIDEO
  28. How was this virus created? - WATCH VIDEO
  29. When is this virus going to end?- WATCH VIDEO

Junior High & High School Kids Town Hall

Hosted on Wednesday, February 24, 2020

  1. Will this be a vaccine we have to get each year like the flu shot? - WATCH VIDEO
  2. When will junior high and high school students get to come back into the classroom? - WATCH VIDEO
  3. How will students be oriented to their new campus if they cannot come on campus for orientation? - WATCH VIDEO
  4. Have any teenagers or kids died from COVID-19 in Tulare County? - WATCH VIDEO
  5. Are our Juniors and Seniors allowed to take the SAT test in person? - WATCH VIDEO
  6. We talked about a lot in the community and on our social media about the number of positive COVID patients that we have in our hospital. How do nurses stay safe from the virus when you're in the hospital? - WATCH VIDEO
  7. How are our high school athletes getting sports scholarships if they're not even playing sports right now? - WATCH VIDEO
  8. Why are other states totally open for full-time, in-person school, but California is not? - WATCH VIDEO
  9. Are we going to have graduations and promotions this summer? - WATCH VIDEO
  10. Can we stop wearing our masks, once we're vaccinated? - WATCH VIDEO
  11. How are sports able to practice but we aren't able to return to at least a hybrid in-person situation? - WATCH VIDEO
  12. Shouldn’t the federal government sets the rules versus the states so that everyone is equal and following the same rules? Students feels like they are falling behind their peers in other states. - WATCH VIDEO

Past Town Hall

Kaweah Health’s Kids Town Hall - Hosted on Thursday, December 17, 2020

While adults may feel overwhelmed by all the information about COVID-19, many children may feel the opposite. They may not understand why they are attending school remotely or why they need to wear a mask and may be searching for answers. To help answer those questions for children, Kaweah Health partnered with Visalia Unified School District on Thursday, Dec. 17, for a Kids Town Hall focused on COVID-19. The event’s guest speakers included VUSD Superintendent Dr. Tamara Ravalin and Keri Noeske, Kaweah Health’s Chief Nursing Officer.

  1. If a kid is infected with the COVID-19 virus, how severe can it be for them? - WATCH VIDEO
  2. If kids don’t get sick from COVID, why can’t we go to school? - WATCH VIDEO
  3. Have any kids in Tulare County died from COVID-19? - WATCH VIDEO
  4. Why do more older people die from COVID-19 than kids do? - WATCH VIDEO
  5. Have there been any outbreaks related to sports practice, and if not, why can’t we have any games? - WATCH VIDEO
  6. My parents don’t have insurance or a doctor. Can we still get COVID-19 testing?- WATCH VIDEO
  7. Does the COVID-19 testing hurt? - WATCH VIDEO
  8. What do I tell my friends who think COVID-19 isn’t a big deal, and don’t follow the rules? - WATCH VIDEO
  9. What activities are safe to do with my friends? I really miss them. - WATCH VIDEO
  10. Why do we have to stay home and not see our friends? Aren’t kids immune to COVID-19? - WATCH VIDEO
  11. If kids don’t show symptoms, does that mean they aren’t likely to spread COVID-19? - WATCH VIDEO
  12. What should I do if I have been exposed to COVID-19? - WATCH VIDEO
  13. Why can’t we go to school and wear masks, if our parents are going to work and wearing masks? - WATCH VIDEO
  14. When will we be able to get the vaccine so we can get back to normal? - WATCH VIDEO
  15. Is it safe to go to my Youth Group outside at church? - WATCH VIDEO
  16. Will school be back in session this year? - WATCH VIDEO
  17. When can I go to the playground and ImagineU again? - WATCH VIDEO
  18. How can I keep my friends safe? - WATCH VIDEO
  19. Why are some schools reopening, while others aren’t? - WATCH VIDEO
  20. Why did the school decide on a new schedule for middle/high schools? - WATCH VIDEO
  21. When is COVID-19 going to end? - WATCH VIDEO
  22. How do we know the vaccine will work? - WATCH VIDEO
  23. How do they make the vaccine, and what is it made out of? - WATCH VIDEO
  24. Why does a mask help keep us safe? - WATCH VIDEO
  25. How dangerous is the coronavirus? - WATCH VIDEO
  26. I would like to see my friends and teachers. What will happen if COVID-19 doesn’t end during the summer? - WATCH VIDEO
  27. How did the coronavirus spread all around the earth? - WATCH VIDEO
  28. Do you feel that the vaccine will be safe, or will there be side effects? - WATCH VIDEO
  29. Why do not people understand the dangers of COVID, and act like they do not care? - WATCH VIDEO
  30. My older sister tested positive and has been quarantined in her room. The rest of my family has tested negative. Do we need to wear masks around each other? - WATCH VIDEO