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December 2, 2021 - Community Engagement Virtual Meeting


    1. Positive COVID-19 cases currently in Kaweah Health: 50
    2. How many are in ICU and do we have empty beds in our ICU?
      10 COVID, 5 available ICU Beds
    3. Positive Employees at Kaweah Delta: 25
    4. Hospital Census: 322 beds full – 93.4% Occupancy rate
    5. Vaccinated employee percentage: 77% - 4001 vaccinated employees and 4141 total employees as of 11/29 per HR – 82% of those actively working.

There were conflicting reports around which booster people should get. Some said to get a different vaccine from the original and others said get the same. Is Kaweah still recommending staying with the same dose?

The FDA approved boosters and supports choice in either taking a booster that is the same vaccine as your initial vaccine or deciding to use an alternative booster different than what your initial vaccination used. Some do think that there may be benefit in getting a different booster than the manufacture of the vaccine you originally received however we are not aware of any current guidance to suggest this is in fact recommended or better one way or another. We recommend follow manufacturer guidelines for the dose and timing of the booster dose.

Has Kaweah expanded elective surgeries?

We expanded our surgical procedures with anticipated admission to a cap of 8 per day, Monday through Friday, this went into effect 11/22/21

Is Kaweah concerned about the new Omicron variant? Have we had a case of that variant in the state?

As expected, and thanks to California’s large-scale testing and early detection systems, the State of California and the San Francisco Department of Public Health have confirmed a case of the Omicron variant in California. Our partners at the University of California, San Francisco identified this case through their sequencing capabilities. California is continuing to monitor the variant’s presence and progress through the state’s robust Whole Genome Sequencing surveillance.

Now that the numbers are dropping is Kaweah going to be loosening up on the visitor policy?

Yes, when and how has not been determined yet.

I am sure there are many variables as to why the hospitalized COVID numbers are dropping. (vaccines, deaths, outpatient therapy treatments, etc.)

Is the County’s vaccine rate improving?

Fully vaccinated population is at 46.1%, partially vaccinated 6.4% and the remaining population 47.5% still need to be vaccinated.

Are we experiencing a lot of death?

Last week we had 7 deaths (11/25-12/2). The week prior we had 17 (11/18-11/24)

Are a lot of patients receiving the monoclonal antibody treatment?

We are not seeing a lot of patient receive the monoclonal antibody treatment. Our infusion center offered it on Tuesdays and we were seeing roughly 5-8 treatments. Kaweah Health Medical Group offers it to their patients on Saturdays and they see 3-7 patients on those days. For patients that are COVID positive in our ED we have offered it to patients that fit criteria and have treated roughly 12 patients in the week or so. Starting Monday Kaweah Health will offer MAB for patients that are COVID positive or for prophylaxis that fit criteria for use but no longer administer in the infusion center on Tuesdays. You will need a referral from your physician to receive treatment from Kaweah Health. We are using state resources to support this program during the month of December an then will re-evaluate.

How effective is this treatment? How does a person receive this treatment?

To prevent one hospital admission associated with MAB treatment of a COVID positive patient who fit criteria you need to treat roughly 40-45 patients. To prevent one admission to the hospital associated with prophylaxis MAB treatment you must administer it to roughly 15 patients. Vaccination is still the best way to prevent admission to the hospital. How does a person receive this treatment? Referral from physician to have MAB treatment at Kaweah Health.