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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Engagement Virtual Meeting - Thursday, August 6

Question #1: What are the current numbers?

Question #2: TESTING

  • a) Are we seeing any relief regarding testing result timeframes?
  • b) One area of concern regarding testing has been in our rural communities.
  • c) During last week’s town hall, there were several community members who were confused about the retesting and the CDC’s guidelines that do not require a negative test for employees to go back to work. Can you clarify those guidelines and why are other organizations requiring their employees to have negative tests if the hospital isn’t?

Question #3: MEDICATIONS

  • a) Gary mentioned last week that our supply of Remdesivir is low. Has that changed? Should we be concerned that our hospital will run out of the drug?

Question #4: SURGE PLANS

  • a) Gary has talked often about Kaweah Health’s surge plans and has gone into detail about the areas we have restricted for COVID. Have we moved COVID positive patient from our downtown facility? If so, where have we moved them to?
  • b) Do those who have COVID and are taken to REHAB have to qualify for rehab?
  • c) Is Kaweah Health experiencing an outbreak?
  • d) How is Sierra View Hospital doing?
  • e) Didn’t Sequoia Rehab in Porterville have an outbreak?
  • f)Do we partner at all with Community Regional at all?

Question #5: STAFF

  • a) What is the best way the community can support the front line staff working hard right now?
  • b) How is leadership helping staff members that are experiencing virus fatigue? How is leadership dealing with virus fatigue?
  • c) Can you give us a summary of the Military Personnel that are here?
  • d) Are we doing grief counseling?

Question #6: What would Kaweah Health be at as far as total adult beds available say the first week of August in a normal year?

Question #7: How many total tests have been done at Kaweah Health?

Question #8: Can we get COVID only information?

Question #9: Any word on breaking down the 0-19 age group into the same increments as the rest? 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, and so on?

Question #10: There was a ABC 30 news story earlier this week that our State and County are reporting figures lower than what they should be. Are you aware of this story and is there any truth to it?

Question #11: How many patients placed in ICU on a ventilator have recovered and been released? How does this compare with a statewide average?