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Visitor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does a visitor have to be vaccinated to visit a patient in isolation for COVID-19?

We are committed to continued balance of safety for our community and compassion for patients in the hospital. With COVID-19, still a highly contagious disease that has the potential of creating severe illness and prolonged hospitalization for people who are not vaccinated, we have to be cautious in who we potentially expose to the virus in a close setting such as a patient room. We will provide protective equipment and guidance for visitors but the vaccination also helps ensure we do not have another person who may be exposed and need hospitalization.

  1. Why is the visitation limited to one hour with the patient?

One of the risk factors for contracting the virus from another person is prolonged exposure. To limit risk to the visitor we are only allowing 2-1 hour routine visits per day, maximum. Wearing personal protective equipment for prolonged periods of time is challenging. We are being cautious against the spread of infection for our visitors by asking them to maintain the personal protective equipment for an hour at a time as well as limiting the amount of exposure time if they do happen to break the protection while in the patient room.

  1. Why are visitors only allowed for patients with COVID in critical care or intermediate critical care?

These patients have the highest risk of sudden changes in their prognosis and level of care. Most of our current patients in our general medical units with COVID have short lengths of stay. With high volumes of patients and the need to ensure protective equipment is intact during the visit – we are focusing first on visitors returning to the critical care and intermediate critical care areas.

  1. Do all visitors have to have a COVID vaccine?

Routine visitors to our patients with COVID who are still in isolation do have to have the vaccine. We need to continue to control the risk of severe illness in known cases with exposure risk. We continue to enforce the use of masks in all settings to reduce the risk of spread. Visitors for patients who are not isolation for COVID can visit with evidence of a vaccine or a negative COVID test. Once a patient with COVID is removed from isolation, they can have routine visitors.

  1. When can I use a negative COVID test instead of a vaccination card?

A routine visitor coming to visit a patient who is not in isolation for COVID can enter with a negative COVID test instead of a vaccination card. Patients with COVID who are removed from isolation will be subject to the daily visitor guidelines for all patients. Routine visitors to patients with COVID in isolation need to have a vaccination to enhance protection from severe illness risk.