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Remigio Florez

  • Author: Remigio Florez
  • Date Submitted: Apr 5, 2017
  • Category: Neurosurgery

“I have 100 percent confidence in Kaweah Health’s neurosurgery program. I believe, given the circumstance, I had the best possible experience anyone could have received.”

The excitement of moving into a new home can be uplifting for any family, but a sudden fall while moving boxes can turn glee into tragedy. When Remigio Florez fell, he didn’t expect that two years later his condition would escalate to surgery, but it did. Ultimately, he gained a greater appreciation of his employment at Kaweah Health Medical Center and its neurosurgery program.

In the two years since Remigio’s accident, his lower back pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms intensified from mild and moderate to severe. He consulted with neurosurgeon Dr. Ian T. Johnson and learned he was suffering from spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis, conditions affecting the joints that align the vertebrae (segments of the backbone) on top of the each other.

Spondylolysis is a weakness or stress fracture on the surface of the joint area. This weakness can cause the bones to slip forward out of normal position, called spondylolisthesis, and kink the spinal nerves. Dr. Johnson performed spine surgery to correct what was pressing on his nerve and causing pain. Additionally, Remigio's vertebrae were readjusted to accommodate the slippage and were stabilized with screws to support the spine as the fusion healed.

With strong family support and attentive medical care, he was able to focus on his recovery to get him walking and back to living life. Remigio says that he continues to gain strength and ability each day. He is now able to exercise, walk down stairs, and more importantly, play with his young children. He looks forward to once again enjoying his new home with his family.