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  • Author: Gurprinder Brar
  • Date Submitted: May 10, 2019
  • Category: Neurosurgery

Stress is a normal part of the moving process. From packing boxes and recruiting helpers to organizing cupboards and meeting new neighbors, moving to a new home can really take its toll on your mental and physical well-being. For Gurprinder Brar and his family, moving from Fresno to San Francisco became even more arduous when the 42-year-old father of two landed in a Fresno emergency room with back pain so bad he couldn’t stand, sit, or lie down.

A follow-up visit with his primary care physician in Fresno led to an MRI, which revealed Gurprinder was dealing with a pinched nerve caused by herniated discs in his back. In the middle of his big move, he tried to ignore the pain but eventually the pinched nerve started making his foot go numb. “I would take a step on a curb and would fall because of drop foot,” shared Gurprinder. “I fell several times and it was really frustrating.”

To treat the pinched nerve and bring back feeling in his foot, Gurprinder’s primary care doctor referred him to Neurosurgeon Dr. Bryan Oh, a surgical team partner affiliated with the Kaweah Health Neurosciences Center. “I was confused when my doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon in Visalia, but thank God he did,” Gurprinder expressed. “I am so happy with my experience and would recommend Kaweah Health physicians to anyone.”

Dr. Oh performed a successful microdiscectomy relieving Gurprinder of pain and helping him immediately regain feeling in his foot. “Dr. Oh was amazing at what he did. He wanted to under-promise and over-perform, and I really like that he was point-blank and honest,” said Gurprinder. “He addressed all the issues I was concerned with and made me feel confident going into the procedure. I noticed a difference in my body right away after surgery.”

Although thrilled with the care he received at the hands of Dr. Oh, the new San Francisco resident’s satisfaction with Kaweah Health started long before he ever put on a hospital gown. “My wife and I had major problems with my primary care doctor in Fresno sending my surgical clearance over,” said Gurprinder. “Trying to get him to respond was a nightmare, but Kaweah’s staff pursued my case, followed up, kept close records, and relayed all the information we needed to know.”

His experience as a Kaweah Health patient was so impressive, Gurprinder realized world-class physicians and medical centers weren’t just located near his home in the Bay Area, and chose to bypass them to continue being treated by Dr. Oh and his team. “The service was just outstanding. They took care of me and my family so well. It was the best interaction with a medical facility I’ve had in my life.”

Gurprinder’s enthusiasm for care at Kaweah Health is apparent. “You’re not just dealing with one person. You’re dealing with a community who is there to take care of you,” he said. “It’s scary to go under the knife and I could not think of an experience that would make me more comfortable than what I experienced.”