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Bruce Livingston

  • Author: Bruce Livingston
  • Date Submitted: Apr 5, 2017
  • Category: Cancer Care

At Kaweah Health, patients like Bruce Livingston can find cancer-fighting services provided by caring and supportive medical staff close to home. Despite having had his right lung removed, Bruce hasn’t given up in his fight against lung cancer. He has learned that those around him, including physicians and nurses, have made a significant impact on his outlook. Bruce’s positive attitude has been shaped by what he calls “boosts.” When he felt down and out, he received a boost to keep him going.

On one occasion, after aggressive radiation treatment, Bruce’s skin suffered severe blistering. He worried that medical staff would no longer allow him to endure the treatment he needed to fight his cancer. However, he received a boost from his nurse Peggy when he explained his condition and she in turn embraced him, physically turned him around toward the radiation department and said “we will never stop fighting.” This was an uplifting experience for Bruce and it became his goal to show his gratitude to his physicians and nurses.

“By all means, we must stay positive and supportive of those who care for us, especially our nurses,” Bruce said. “Our doctors don’t always get positive feedback, but it is good for them to also know how very important they are in our life.”

In March 2016, Bruce began receiving immune system booster treatment for his left lung at Sequoia Regional Cancer Center (SRCC) in Visalia. During his first visit he noticed how most individuals in the waiting room looked down. Understandably, staying positive would be difficult, but with the support of medical staff, Bruce’s attitude remained positive.

“There are days that we will feel bad. I get that. But I know staff is doing everything they can for me. I will thank them as often as I can,” Bruce said.

Bruce hopes his positive attitude will influence patients and other patients at SRCC because he believes it is what keeps him young and vibrant. He also believes he has been given the gift of additional time and every day he makes the most of his blessings. With his faith, he is encouraged by each day he is able to enjoy the impressionable love of his family and friends.