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mom and baby with nurse
Kaweah Health recognizes and agrees with all mother and baby organizations that breastfeeding for at least the first six months of life provides the greatest health benefits for both mother and baby. We are dedicated in providing support and education for any mother who feels she needs this information. We can provide these services before the birth of your baby, while in the hospital, and even after you go home through our Lactation Services. We believe that every baby deserves every chance to start life in such a way to provide the best environment for a long healthy life. To help babies transition into life outside of the womb, we follow the most current research, which includes skin-to-skin contact and delayed bathing.

Professional photography services are available through Blue Daisy Baby Photography. Special care is given by our staff to educate new parents about taking care of their new baby. Parents will be instructed and provided materials to assure they feel comfortable caring for their baby prior to discharge.