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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Welcome to Kaweah Health Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where doctors and nurses who specialize in treating the littlest of patients work daily to help get babies home, where they belong.

Having a child in the NICU is a stressful time for parents and family. We want you to know that while your baby is with us, he or she is receiving excellent care. Our hope is that this website will help you through your NICU journey. Please click here to e-mail staff any questions or concerns you may have as we care for your family.

Getting Here

Kaweah Health Medical Center - Acequia Wing
400 W. Mineral King Ave.
Visalia, CA 93279
Sixth Floor

Call Box

For patient safety, our NICU unit is secure. To enter push the call box to speak to a nurse. Remember only those people who have been issued green bands will be allowed to visit.

For Parents

Our NICU is designed especially for premature babies and babies who experience problems at birth. We are here, caring for your baby around the clock so you can bring your little one home.

Who May Visit

To keep your baby safe and to maintain confidentiality, you will be given a green band and an identification number when you enter the unit. You will be asked to show your band as you enter the unit and when you are at your baby's bedside. When calling, you will be required to read your identification number to the staff in order to receive information about your baby.

  • It is our hospital policy to only provide information to parents or legal guardians so please keep your identification number private.
  • Only two people can be at the baby's bedside at one time. One of them must have a green band on. Other visitors may wait in the downstairs lobby, which is available for their comfort.
  • If you are sick or you think you may be sick, please talk to your baby's nurse before coming into the unit.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted in the NICU.
  • During the cold and flu season only parents (or green banded people) will be allowed in the NICU.


For the well being of your baby, we have rules that must be followed by EVERYONE entering the NICU

  • All visitors must do a three-minute scrub of their hands and forearms and apply waterless, antimicrobial hand gel; a nurse will show you how.
  • Returning visitors who remain in the hospital, only need to wash thoroughly for 15 seconds and apply the waterless.
  • Antimicrobial hand gel

If the returning visitor leaves the hospital, he or she will be required to do another 3-minute scrub of the hands and forearms, with another application of waterless Antimicrobial hand gel.