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Guide from The Acequia Wing Elevators:

Guide from The East Elevators:

Acequia Entrance
Billing 1st Floor
Patient Registration 1st Floor
Cardiac Surgery and Cath Lab 2nd Floor
Mother Baby Unit 3rd Floor
3 Tower - Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) 3rd Floor
4 Tower - Medical Telemetery 4th Floor
5 Tower - Cardiovascular Intermediate Critical Care Unit (CVICCU) 5th Floor
6 Tower - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 6th Floor
Mineral King Entrance: East Elevators
Chapel 1st Floor
Laboratory 1st Floor
Labor & Delivery 2nd Floor
Pediatrics 3rd Floor
Broderick Pavillion 3rd Floor
Mineral King Entrance: West Elevators
2 North - Medical Telemetery 2nd Floor
2 West - Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 2nd Floor
2 South - Medical Surgical / Observation 2nd Floor
3 North - General Surgical 3rd Floor
3 West - Intermediate Critical Care Unit (ICCU) 3rd Floor
3 South - Oncology 3rd Floor
4 North - Acute Dialysis 4th Floor
4 South - Orthopedic / Neuro Surgical 4th Floor
Surgery Center Entrance
Surgery Center 1st Floor