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Kaweah Health (Kaweah Health) has two governing bodies that provide research oversight and guidance:

First, the Kaweah Health Institutional Review Board (KD IRB) and

Second Research Oversight Committee (ROC). Prior to conducting research at Kaweah Health, investigators must:

  1. Complete all required (CITI) training of investigators conducting research at Kaweah Health

  2. Submit the proposed study protocol through the Kaweah Health Research Portal

  3. Receive approval from both governing bodies (IRB and ROC)

Below is more information and resources to assists researchers in completing the requirements above.

Institutional Review Board

Governing Principles

The IRB’s authority is empowered by regulatory statutes and institutional policies. While interpretive differences between these governing principles may occur, it should be noted that regulations offering the most stringent guidelines are always followed for the protection of human subjects. These principles are upheld without regard to whether the research is subject to federal regulation, with whom the research is conducted, or the source of support for the research.

Meeting Dates: Second Thursday of Every Month

Submission Deadline: Fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date

Research Oversight Committee

Mission and Vision

To promote and support quality research that is consistent with Kaweah Health’s mission (to provide safe, high quality, customer-oriented and financially-strong healthcare services that meet the needs of those we serve) and ultimately leads to improved patient care and satisfaction.

The Kaweah Health Research Oversight Committee (ROC) approves research proposals by:

  1. Considering how the research benefits the patient population that Kaweah Health serves

  2. Evaluating if the proposed research is compatible with the mission and vision of Kaweah Health

  3. Gathering a multidisciplinary team to coordinate the Kaweah Health resources that are needed to complete the research

Meeting Dates: Fourth Thursday of Every Month