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GreenLight Laser

Blood loss used to be an issue during urological surgery. Patients typically spent days in the hospital waiting for bleeding to subside. Today, Kaweah Health offers the new GreenLight™ laser surgery system.

“The laser is so hot, it actually seals the blood vessels as the procedure is performed,” said Dr. Marty Prah, who along with Joseph Chidi, MD, and Tu-Hi Hong, MD, use the GreenLight™ at Kaweah Health.

The GreenLight™ laser system is the cornerstone of Kaweah Health’s new Endourology Suite—the most advanced in the region, according to Dr. Prah.

Benefits of GreenLight Laser Therapy

  • Removes obstructing prosthetic tissue in a virtually bloodless procedure.
  • Most patients are released from the hospital within a few hours of the procedure and return home without a catheter, returning to normal non-strenuous activity within days.
  • Offers rapid symptom relief and improvement in urine flow.
  • Minimizes many of the side effects of other procedures.

greenlight laser

How does GreenLight XPS work?

The powerful, state-of-the-art GreenLight XPS Laser vaporizes excess prostate tissue using laser energy. A thin fiber is inserted into urethra through a cystocope. The fiber, under direct vision, delivers the laser energy that precisely vaporizes and destroys the tissue blockage that obstructs the passage of urine. The physician is able to safely view and control the treatment area. Greenlight Laser therapy is covered by Medicare and most private insurers.

Meet the Urologists

Meet the urologists using the GreenLight XPS Laser at Kaweah Health.

They are:

  • Dr. Joseph Chidi
  • Dr. Marty Prah
  • Dr. Tu-Hi Hong