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Highlights of the Program

Dear Prospective 2021-2022 Applicants,

Below is a list compiled from our recent graduating class of Transitional Year Residents outlining some of the highlights of our program:

  • Very supportive Program Director
  • Very supportive Program Coordinator
  • Education is a priority
  • Very flexible
  • Great faculty
  • Focus on education
  • Self directed learning rather than just being relied on to get the work done
  • Great support staff
  • Excellent support system from faculty, staff, and healthcare leaders
  • Ability to focus and tailor education in not only your specialty of choice but also sub-disciplines within general medicine
  • Receptive and proactive faculty, very receptive to resident feedback
  • Working with a diverse patient population
  • Interesting cases
  • Opportunity to work with patients of many different cultural backgrounds
  • Focus is on educating us rather than using us for service or "scut work"
  • Dr. Stanley takes measures to gear each resident's experience towards his/her chosen specialty field
  • The support system is awesome. There's always someone to turn to, whether it's Krystal, Dr. Stanley, our attendings, or the operator (unsung heroes!)
  • The central California location makes it relatively easy to visit several of California's popular national parks (Sequoia's, Yosemite, Big Sur) and major cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco)
  • The faculty make education your priority and as such make sure not to overburden you with tasks that could be a hindrance to your education
  • The residency programs are a new addition to a community hospital, providing for a unique learning experience in private practice (appealing coming from a large academic program) and allows our input into the programs to make meaningful contributions
  • Huge emphasis on procedures. This program is excellent for hands-on learning. During my first week in the ICU (and also my first week of internship), I performed a lumbar puncture, placed three central lines, and intubated one patient.

We hope you will apply! Please feel free to contact our amazing program coordinator, Mia Zaninovich (, with any questions.


The Inaugural Class of Transitional Year Residents