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Visitor Guidelines

  • What's on this webpage:
    • Admitted COVID-19 Patient Visitation Guidelines (As of Tuesday, June 21, 2022)
    • Admitted Non-COVID-19 Patient Visitation Guidelines (As of Monday March 7, 2022)
    • Exceptions to Guidelines
    • Visitation guidelines to specific departments within Kaweah Health Medical Center and other locations
    • Frequently Asked Questions (Click HERE)
    • 1. We do allow visitors – for COVID patients in the ICU and ICCU and up to two visitors a day in almost all other cases. Visiting hours are 9AM - 9PM with the exception of COVID patients that are in isolation and/or patients that are on the ICU floor (9AM-10AM and 8PM-9PM). In end-of-life situations we allow up to four visitors per day. We also make exceptions, all of which are listed at
    • 2. We must comply with State mandates or we will lose our ability to provide healthcare services. As frustrating as we know these requirements can often be for visitors, we must comply with the State mandate that all hospital visitors show:

      ➡ Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (not including booster shots)


      ➡ Proof of a negative COVID-19 test. In certain situations, such as when a patient’s death may be imminent, or in emergency situations regarding children (pediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby) parents or guardians may be allowed to visit without proof of a negative test, but such proof must be provided within 72 hours of the emergent situation if the visitor wants to continue seeing the patient.


      ➡ Unvaccinated visitors with a history of COVID-19 within the prior 90 days may provide documentation of recovery (copy of lab results) from COVID instead of testing. Visitors must be at least 11 days post positive for COVID-19.

    • 3. We would never refuse care to a person in any circumstance.

Kaweah Health, our employees, and our medical staff are all working hard every day to care for our patients and to keep our community safe during these difficult times. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these State mandates.

We are committed to protecting the safety of our patients, staff, physicians, medical residents and the public while maintaining quality care here at Kaweah Health.

Kaweah Health esta modificando sus restricciones de visitantes para pacientes que no estan bajo aislamiento por COVID-19. Haga clic AQUÍpara leer más.

COVID-19 Patient Visitation (As of Tuesday, June 21, 2022)*

We have modified our visitor guidelines to allow visitation for patients in isolation related to COVID in two care areas – critical care and intermediate critical care.

  • (For ICU AND ICCU Patients ONLY) - Two visitors per day allowed during 10-11 AM and 8-9 PM, as long as visitors are vaccinated. A new visitor may be identified each day.
  • NEW! Medical Surgical Unit (Med Surg) - Two visitors per day allowed during 10-11 AM and 8-9 PM, as long as visitors are vaccinated. A new visitor may be identified each day.
  • Visitors must be vaccinated (booster vaccine not required at this time).
  • Visitors must provide photo identification for screening purposes
  • See exceptions below.

Non-COVID-19 Patients- (As of Monday March 7, 2022)

Two visitors per day will be allowed for following:
  • Routine, non-COVID patients
  • Emergency Department patients once they are placed in a room (pediatric/adolescent patients may have one caregiver with them in the lobby)
  • Surgery/Cath Lab patients during pre-operative registration and post-operative recovery. Endoscopy patients will be allowed one visitor only during post-operative recovery.
  • Additionally, all end-of-life patients can now have up to four visitors per day with two visitors permitted at the bedside at a time.

Visitors continue to be required to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 (not including booster shots), or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test*.

Effective Wednesday, March 16th

Effective Wednesday, March 16th, visitors of patients with emergencies, including those in Critical Care Areas, Pediatrics (Peds), Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby will need to also show this information after 72 hours since patient admission.

Also effective March 16th, changes to acceptable proof of a negative test:

  • COVID-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test results from a medical facility taken within the last 48 hours
  • COVID-19 Antigen test results from a medical facility taken within the last 24 hours
  • COVID-19 self-tests, sometimes referred to as “home tests,” taken at a Kaweah Health facility under the supervision of a Kaweah Health employee. Please note Kaweah Health does not provide home test kits.
  • Self-tests taken at home are not acceptable

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we work to protect the health and safety of our patients, team, and community.

*Those that have had COVID-19 within the last 90 days, and are unvaccinated, do not need to show proof of a negative test. They must bring a copy of their lab results and be at least 11 days post positive results.

Please be advised - due to the changing climate of hospital policy, the visitor guidelines are subject to change without advance notice. We will continue to make all effort to place the most recent information.


*Exceptions to the visitor guidelines for all patients, including patients in isolation for COVID-19:

The care team will evaluate and approve exceptions for patients in extenuating circumstances. *The exceptions are:

  • Two (2) unique visitors per day (new visitors may be identified each day) will be approved during the following situations:
    • When a patient has a change in their level of care (higher or lower). The care team should make all attempts to update the visitors so they can come to the bedside shortly after the transfer for a one-time visit (This is a critical time for them to see their condition change or improvement).
    • When the patient's condition is deteriorating or plan of care changes are needed that require/ benefit from family at the bedside (including for a family conference).
    • When preparing for or immediately following a major surgery with high risk of death.
    • Patients needing supervision due to mental status. The mental status consideration can include but are not limited to dementia or developmentally disabled individuals where care may be inhibited without a familiar person present.
  • Four (4) unique visitors total, two (2) permitted at the bedside at a time for the following situation:
    • During end-of-life situations.

Visitation Guidelines by Department

  • Critical Care: (10 AM - 5 PM, 7 PM - 9 PM) - Visitation hours are form 10am-5pm, 7pm-9pm. Same rules as above for who may visit.
  • Maternal Child Health (Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby) - Two (2) symptom-free visitors who can visit all hours
  • Emergency Department - Two (2) symptom-free visitors allowed once patient has been taken to a room. No visitors in the lobby due to space restriction.
  • Medical Surgical Unit - Two (2) symptom-free visitors will be allowed with the patient during pre-op registration and post-op. Visitors will be allowed to stay in the waiting room during the procedure. Visiting hours: 9AM-10AM and 8PM-9PM
  • Procedures/Cath Lab - Two (2) symptom-free visitors will be allowed with the patient during pre-op registration and post-op. Visitors will be allowed to stay in the waiting room during the procedure. Visiting hours: 9AM-10AM and 8PM-9PM
  • Endoscopy: One (1) symptom-free visitor will be allowed with the patient post-op.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Up to two (2) symptom-free visitors with one able to stay overnight.
  • Pediatrics - Up to two (2) symptom-free visitors all hours with orange armband.
Other Locations:
  • Rural health clinics and urgent care locations - One (1) symptom-free visitor allowed.
  • Rehabilitation hospital – One (1) symptom-free visitor, for entire stay. You will be notified of specified visiting times designated for your unit.
  • Cardiac Rehab on Akers Campus - no visitors
  • Therapy Specialists (all locations) - no visitors, unless they are doing family training or are needed to facilitate patient engagement in therapy
  • Wound Center: One (1) symptom-free visitor, especially for family training
  • TCS and Subacute - Scheduled visitation with only one (1) symptom-free visitor per patient for entire stay. Exceptions will be made for end of life and compassionate care.
  • Dialysis clinic - One (1) symptom-free visitor allowed in the lobby or in treatment rooms. While patient is receiving treatment, visitor must leave lobby due to limited seating. Visitors are not allowed in Hemodialysis Treatment Room due to size limitations and state guidelines for social distancing.


  • One (1) clergy member allowed to come visit the patient.
  • Please be mindful of how many visitors are already in the room to keep at one visitor per patient.

We understand what a vital role family plays in our patient’s recovery and we thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to keep our community safe. Thank you!

All permitted visitors will be:

  • Screened for symptoms of COVID-19 including:
    • Fever
    • New cough
    • New shortness of breath
    • Loss of smell or taste
  • Required to wear a surgical facemask.
  • If you do not have one, one will be provided to you.
  • If you prefer to double mask, the bottom mask must be a surgical mask or higher (i.e. your own N95 mask).

Restricted visitors include:

  • Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms
  • Children 11 years of age and younger
  • Individuals in quarantine for COVID-19 reasons (pending testing, exposure, etc.)