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FAQ for Students Nurses

Question and Answers for Student Nurse Opportunities

Question: What is a Student Nurse Intern (SNI)?

Answer: Enrolled in their Final semester in an accredited RN Program SNI’s are partnered with a Kaweah Health RN Mentor. Under the direct supervision of the RN Mentor, the SNI will provide bedside care and participate in advanced clinical activities that augment previously learned nursing theory and validated performance skills, including formulating the patient's plan of care and implementing physician orders

Question: What is a Student Nurse Aide (SNA)?

Answer: Have at least completed one semester in an accredited RN Program. SNA’s will function as a nursing assistant, provide basic bedside care, and apply previously learned nursing theory and clinical skills as directed by an RN.

Question: What are the requirements that students need to provide prior to start in orientation

Answer: Current school schedule showing proof of enrollment in RN program, proof of enrollment in a Work Study Course and a valid BLS card

Question: What is the Work Study Program?

Answer: The Work-Study program is a school elective course that provides nursing students an opportunity to obtain structured work-study experience under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. A valid Work-Study contract between the Hospital District and the school of nursing must be on file with Human Resources. It is the responsibility of the student to review the course syllabus of the school of nursing Work-Study program and indicate understanding of the expectations.

Question: How many hours will I be required to work as a student nurse?

Answer: We work around your school schedule. Some students work 1-2 days per week or 3 days in a two week period (12 hour shifts). This program balances your school schedule while acquiring valuable clinical skills. It’s up to you!

Questions: How much does it pay?

Student Nurse Aides receive $20.38/hour and Student Nurse Interns receive $24.00/hour

Question: When do I start work?

Answer: Once offer is made, and hiring process is complete, i.e., background, physical, etc., you will attend Hospital Orientation upon completion of your current semester and prior to the start of the semester. This assures that there is not a scheduling conflict with your class schedule. Once your semester begins, you will then begin on the unit contingent upon documentation of your current enrollment in the nursing program/school and proof of enrollment in a Work Study coarse/program.

Question: Am I obligated to remain employed at Kaweah as a RN upon graduation?

Answer: Of course we want you to stay and grow your career at Kaweah Health. We understand if life takes you in a different direction. With that said, a Student Nurse Aide (SNA) is not obligated to remain employed at Kaweah. Student Nurse Intern’s (SNI) are paired with a mentor and advance clinical training is provided. Therefore, they are asked to sign an agreement, that if hired as a RN, they remain employed for 2-years.