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Sub Acute

Department Name: Subacute

Our patients have tracheostomies and G-tubes. About 1/3 of our patients are ventilator dependent. Most of our patients require full care, including skin protection and fall prevention. The unit is home to many of our patients. However, we have about 3-4 patients a year who recover enough to move on to a lower level of care or to Rehab.

In a brief statement, from a staff perspective, what is most rewarding about working on your unit? We get to know our patients and their families. This unit’s strength is team work. The nurses and CNAs work as a team and achieve great patient outcomes.

Selling features/top reasons to work in unit:

  • This unit works as a team to meet unit goals
  • We have two to three treatment nurses who work specifically on wounds and wound prevention
  • We have four Critical Care Pulmonary Care Physicians on our Care Team.
  • We have low fall and skin injury rates.

Special Services/Programs/Projects:

  • Long Term Care
  • Daily Activities Program
  • Critical Care/Pulmonologist on our Care Team
  • CUSP Team
  • Treatment Nurse
  • 24/7 Respiratory Services

Unit details:

  • Number of total positions on Unit: 52
  • Average patient ratio: Licensed 6-8 CNAs 8-9
  • Planned expansion (and timeframe):
  • Total number of beds in the unit: 32
  • Average census, census range: 31-32
  • Length of Patient Stay: Mostly long term

Scheduling details:

  • Shifts offered (i.e., 8, 10, 12 hours): 12 hour shifts AM/PM 0600-1830 and 1800-0630
  • Weekend requirements: Weekend shifts required
  • Holiday requirements: Every other holiday
  • Call requirements: n/a

Technology / Equipment commonly used:

Lift equipment



Feeding pumps

Candidate screening:




ASN degree

BSN degree



Years experience

6 months SNF/Acute care or equivalent