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Melissa Andrade

August 2018 DAISY Award Winner

Melissa Andrade, RN
Nursing Float Pool

Submitted by
Gaylene Jensen, Patient

"I was home taking medications for body spasms control and tremor control. When admitted, the pharmacy changed my times of medication. My day RN, Melissa, medicated me as ordered. She had a hard time keeping me awake all during her shift. I even fell asleep in the middle of my lunch! When the computer indicated I was due for another dose, she and I knew she gave me a dose, she questioned my medication routine at home. After Melissa questioned me, she compared times of scheduled meds on computer, I was being overmedicated! She had a lengthy discussion with pharmacy about changing times of these meds. Melissa was at my bedside when my doctor saw me indicating her plan of care and Melissa stated, ''you get to have me for another day''! I was much more alert than the previous day thanks to her taking extra time with me and getting my med times changed. I didn't get a chance to see her again and thank her, but I am grateful for her diligence in digging into my medical history. My hospitalization could of turned ugly without her intervention! I am a retired RN of 19 years for Kaweah Health, and have floated many times to the hospital, working in various units, so I am well aware of the amount of time it takes to admit and care for patients. I also am aware that Melissa's ''routine'' in caring for her patient load was greatly disrupted while she willingly corrected the times of my meds."