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Ana Grimsley


Nominated by a former patient's family member

"I would like to nominate ICU Nurse Ana Grimsley for any and all the praises and/or awards that you can give her. Our beloved family member, Carla Smith, was in the ICU (Room 7) for about a week (maybe a little over) and towards the end of her life, Ana was there for us all.

Ana was so kind, and thoughtful, and ensured that we all had the proper information to make an informed decision. Now I know that some would say "Well that's just her job!" and I would tell them that they are wrong. If this was just Ana's job, she would not have taken the time to comfort my mother-in-law as she had to make one of the toughest choices that a human being can make in this world.

If this was just Ana's job, she would have just stated the facts and left to move on to another patient. But even with a busy and full ICU, Ana made sure that we mattered and treated us as if we were the only ones in the entire hospital.

I don't know much about the hospital system. I don't know the ins and outs of how it's run, and how they keep the lights on. What I do know however is that warmth and kindness are hard traits to have when there are alarms and bells ringing on an entire hospital wing at once.

Ana Grimsley, to us, is the epitome of grace under fire. And if Ana is an indication of how all the nurses are at this hospital, then you have the best staff possible.

In a world full of troubles, heartbreak, and darkness Ana Grimsley is a beacon of light that gives hope and peace to those who are blessed to be a part of her care.

God bless you Ana, and just know that you make a difference not only in this hospital - but in this world."