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Speech Therapy in Tulare County

Many stroke patients, or those who have suffered a severe accident, require the help of a speech therapist. Kaweah Health Home Health speech therapists are fully licensed and experienced in helping a wide range of patients with all degrees of speech receptive and expressive issues.

The sudden loss of such basic cognitive and motor speech abilities can be extremely frustrating to a patient, and the road back is often a long and difficult one. At Kaweah Health Home Health, our speech therapists have a unique understanding of what our patients are going through. Our speech therapists are not only highly trained, they are patient and compassionate as well. By using specific speech exercises and memory training, our goal is to help our patients communicate with their loved ones once again.

Our patients’ families and caregivers participation in the speech therapy process is crucial to a positive outcome. That’s why our speech therapists work closely with them in order to optimize the effectiveness of the therapy so exercises and training can be continued within the home between therapy sessions.

Speech Therapy Services:

  • Comprehensive assessment of speech disorders stemming from swallowing or feeding difficulties, cognitive delays, stuttering, oral motor deficits, voice issues, and language and articulation problems.
  • Cognition training including exercises for memory, word retrieval, attention and problem solving.
  • Enhancement of voice quality Voice and breathing exercises

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