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Doula Labor Coaching Services

Making a Memory…

It is our goal and desire at Kaweah Health Medical Center to provide you with not only a healthy baby but also a wonderful memory to last a lifetime. Doula Service is our name for our labor coach staff. Our KDMC Doulas are specially trained hospital staff who will assist during your labor and delivery. Our Doula staff is excited about being a part of your experience. We look forward to serving you.

What if the patient already has a support person?

Most men want to take an active role in their partners' childbirth education and in the actual labor process, so this is encouraged. Most partners however, do NOT feel qualified to act as a labor authority. The doula is there to offer additional support and will adjust to the level of support required by the patient and partner. The doulas role is to form a team with the partner and the other professionals on staff to ensure a successful, healthy birth experience.

We have found that the birthing partner also needs the support, guidance and relief that a doula can provide. She is not there to replace the partner. They are trained to be sensitive to the patient and partner's relationship throughout the labor process. The doula is there to enhance the overall experience.

The doula has knowledge and experience on how to help the partner accept the pain and discomfort that the patient is experiencing and how to support them both in the labor process.

Fathers often express relief when the doula provides continuous support. This support allows fathers to be much more relaxed, loving and emotionally available for the mother.

What is a birthing Doula?

A doula is a trained professional that believes in the birth process and a women's ability to birth. Doulas can help the patient work through and with the discomfort of labor, making the experience more meaningful and successful. She stays with the laboring mother and her partner ensuring that the focus is maintained on the laboring mother while utilizing the state of the art technology and services available at the Kaweah Health Family Birth Center.

Who is a birthing Doula?

The doula is NOT someone who takes charge of the labor process. She is in fact, a "coach" in the true sense of the word. She coaches the women through the labor process, offering valuable suggestions, comfort and encouragement to the patient, partner and family.

How do I request a Doula?

Doulas are available on an "on call basis." A doula can be requested anytime during the labor process. Simply tell your nurse you would like a doula.

What does it cost to request a Doula?

Services provided by a doula are included in the normal cost of your birthing experience at Kaweah Health Family Birth Center. As we are committed to providing the highest level of service and care available, the doula services are considered to be an important part of this level of quality care and are available on a request basis.

You're Happy, We're Happy

We want you to know that patient satisfaction is a high priority for us. We hope to make your stay pleasant and memorable. You may receive a questionnaire after you leave asking how we did during your stay. If you could not give us the highest rating for your treatment and care, please let us know before you leave. You can ask to speak with the Lead nurse or the Nurse Manager. Thank you for choosing Kaweah Health's Family Birth Center for the birth of your baby!