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Champions for Women

Champions for Women

Healthy women equal healthy communities. Learn how the women’s health team at Kaweah Health Exeter Clinic is making a difference in the lives of women and the community.

A woman is a powerful source of life. Not only does she bring new life into the world, but she is often considered the heart of her home and community—and the same is true of healthcare.

Women, who are key in maintaining healthy families, access healthcare more often than men, both for themselves and on behalf of their partners, parents, and children. In fact, according to NRC Health data that collects feedback from over 150,000 U.S. women annually, 78 percent of women surveyed consider themselves to be the primary healthcare decision-maker for their household.

Because women represent the cornerstone of a family’s overall health, ensuring they have access to quality care can lead to improved health for children and families. And that is the focus of the women’s healthcare team at Kaweah Health Exeter Clinic, where personalized, integrated care through prevention, wellness, and treatment is delivered to every woman.

“Our providers love what they do,” shared Vanessa Glaze, nurse practitioner at the women’s health clinic. “It is wonderful to work with people who really have a fire in their heart for their patients. Patients are enthusiastic about the care they receive and our providers are committed to solving their health problems.”

This individualized care—led by OB/GYN physicians, Juan Sabogal, MD, and Talaksoon Khademi, DO—is sought after by patients throughout the region who sometimes travel from outside Tulare County just to be seen by our women’s health specialists. Exeter Clinic, like all other Kaweah Health Clinics, is accessible to all patients, including those who are new, uninsured, or have Medi-Cal, effectively breaking down barriers that keep our vulnerable populations from getting the care they need.

Furthermore, as part of the Kaweah Health clinic network, the women’s health team in Exeter provides an unmatched continuum of care by connecting patients to the larger, integrated Kaweah Health system, including award-winning services such as cardiac surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatrics, and the medical center in Visalia, named one of the top 250 hospitals in the nation.

Women’s health has traditionally been synonymous with obstetrics and gynecology, but the definition is expanded at Kaweah Health Exeter Clinic. Beyond reproductive care, women are seen for their complex health needs across a comprehensive spectrum of specialties and life stages.

Dr. Sabogal echoed this point. “Our network of services and direct connection to the hospital expedites care for patients. We provide state-of-the-art obstetric and gynecological care, and can connect patients to other specialties according to their needs. We individualize care to make sure the patient gets the care she needs.”

Vanessa agrees. “Our doctors do a brilliant job providing services to patients, including high-risk obstetrics. Our providers follow you through your entire pregnancy, which is not often the case at other clinics. We build relationships with our patients and produce good outcomes that keep patients coming back.”

This full-spectrum healthcare is delivered in nine exam rooms, including two procedure rooms, in a modern facility opened in the fall of 2018. The comfortable clinic setting was designed with the patient experience in mind.

“It’s a calm environment where patients don’t feel lost in a crowd,” shared Vanessa. “The serene atmosphere makes a difference for patients, and they are at the center of everything we do.”

Aside from medical care, the clinic also houses team members from Kaweah Health Community Outreach who work diligently to link patients with additional resources, including food pantries, transportation, and support groups for healthier living.

No matter what resources they need, better healthcare for women is the clinic’s first priority says Dr. Sabogal. “Our team has special training to make getting help easier for patients. We take care of their health and solve their issues.”

Vanessa sums it up perfectly. “Good services provided to women lead to more services for families. We accept challenges and won’t give up on you.”



Health is our passion at Kaweah Health, and our clinic teams are proud to provide women and their families with excellent, affordable medical care that focuses on whole-person wellness in friendly clinics close to home. Click here to learn more.