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Cryotherapy becomes pre-game ritual for Visalia football players vying for State title

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VISALIA, CA – Pre-game rituals usually involve team meals, listening to music, sports drinks and visualization, but now cryotherapy is on the list for a number of Visalia athletes, including a handful of Visalia football players off to play in Saturday’s CIF State high school football championship.

“They all say the same thing: they feel different afterward, they feel better,” said Todd Noeske, a member of the Central Valley Christian High School football coaching staff and father to two student athletes who have used the treatment. “These guys are putting their bodies through a lot. They play football, they still workout, they still lift. Cryo is a good complement in helping them recover, especially when you think about how deep we are going into the season – we’re at game 16.”

The Central Valley Christian high school football players, who on Saturday will take on Marin Catholic in Saturday’s State championship, are among 30 student athletes using whole-body cryotherapy treatment at Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center in Visalia, said Kala Donnelly, an exercise physiologist at the center. “We’re excited for these guys and we wish them the best no matter the outcome of the game,” Donnelly said. “It’s been great to work with them and help them continue doing what they love.”

After his cryotherapy treatment on Friday, Josh Noeske, a wide receiver and safety for the Cavaliers, said he was one step closer to being prepared for Saturday’s championship game. “This is a moment we dream of. We’ve made it this far and it’s the last game no matter what. We might as well go out there and lay it down the line,” he said. “Cryotherapy helps give me even more to go out there and lay it on the line for my team and my brothers.”

During the treatment, an individual steps into a chamber that surrounds their body, up to the neck, with extremely cold (up to -220°F) non-toxic nitrogen gas. The session provides a dry chill which allows the individual to experience a cooling sensation, not the bone-chilling feeling of an ice-bath, which triggers healing. Benefits of cryotherapy include: decreased pain; reduced swelling and inflammation; acceleration of muscle recovery time; a boost in performance; and assistance in post-injury recovery among others.

On Friday, four CVC Cavaliers each underwent a three-minute cryotherapy session, in preparation of the big game. Among them was Jaeden Moore, a defensive end for the CVC Cavaliers, who was one of the first players on the team to use cryotherapy to help him recover from muscle stiffness. Also in attendance was: Caleb Noeske, a right guard, and Tyler Hughes, who plays center for the team.

“I came and tried it out and I loved it. It helps me feel better about my body and gets me mentally prepared,” Caleb Noeske said.

Hughes, who was doing his second cryotherapy session on Friday, said, “This just speeds up healing and helps with soreness. When I came the first time just driving here was painful because my back hurt, but when I got out, [the pain] was gone. I hurt my hip in strength training and I’m hoping it will help with that and just help me get ready for tomorrow.”

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