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A Statement on Ivermectin

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A Statement on Ivermectin

From Keri Noeske, Kaweah Health’s Chief Nursing Officer:

In the last two weeks, we have admitted patients who were using Ivermectin, but still required hospitalization. We are not seeing cases of patients being admitted due to side effects of using it, but we do know that it’s a possibility. We do not recommend that people self-medicate with Ivermectin. Individuals should develop COVID treatment plans with their doctors. If a doctor decides to prescribe Ivermectin, they will have the knowledge to dose it accurately and know if it will adversely interact with other medications or conditions for a patient.

The best treatments are those that are supported by research. That is how we decide to treat COVID in our patients. Research that is done right is peer reviewed and endorsed by established and credible medical societies. We are not using Ivermectin here because it is not supported by rigorous research and medical societies at this time.