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Update on Kaweah Health at Redwood Springs

  • Category: News
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  • Written By: Laura Florez-McCusker
We’re hearing a lot in the news about COVID-19 at skilled nursing facilities. We wanted to let you know that the State and the County are now assisting at Redwood Springs and more Redwood Springs employees are returning to work. As a result, Redwood Springs and Kaweah Health leadership have agreed that for the time being, Kaweah Health staff are no longer needed on site. We remain in touch daily with Redwood Springs and continue to monitor the situation and support them. Should there come a time when our team is needed there again, we will answer the call as we did when we first learned they needed help. We had more than 20 staff volunteer to help at the facility – one Kaweah Health leader even came out of retirement to assist. We are proud of their selflessness and dedication to their community. Kaweah Health and all of the physicians and staff here remain fully engaged and ready to accept any Redwood Springs patient or employee who needs hospital care.