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Ambria Lucas

Good Catch Award


Ambria Lucas, CNA

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) are in a key position to help improve patient safety, not just through their individual patient care actions, but also by ensuring a safe environment for their patients. Their knowledge, skills, and experience contribute to the delivery of safe care. Part of a CNA’s responsibility is to provide accurate information to the Registered Nurse (RN) who is overseeing care of the patient, which is why Ambria Lucas CNA is deserving of a “Good Catch” Award.

During one of her shifts, Ambria took a set of vital signs and found that the patients’ blood pressure was very low. She also noted that the patient was acting differently than the last time she had checked on her. Ambria noted the seriousness of this situation and immediately alerted the RN. The RN took Ambrias’ information seriously and was quick to assess the patient’s condition. Due to the severity of change in this patient, a rapid response was called. Due to these quick actions by both Ambria and the RN, the patient was rescued and saved from a potentially fatal incident.

CNA’s are encouraged to promote safety for their patients by being fully aware of their patients’ condition and reporting abnormal changes observed during their shift. Ambria takes this responsibility seriously! We applaud Ambria for making it her duty to consistently monitor her patients and communicate with her nurse to maintain patient safety.