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Kaweah Health Hospice Grief Support Services

“Serving those who have experienced loss, partnering with those who care for them.”

James Susee, Bereavement Coordinator

James is the leader of our Grief Support Services at Kaweah Health Hospice. You can give his contact information to anyone needing bereavement support. While his chief role is providing care and support to those having Kaweah Health Hospice connections, he is also available to our community. His responsibilities are serving, helping, and educating those who are in need of support while in the midst of grief due to loss. James' support is not so much about fixing, but more about helping, and not so much about providing the perfect words, but more about creating a safe space where you are heard and encouraged.

James Susee
Bereavement Coordinator
623 W. Willow Ave.
Visalia, CA 93291

Monday –Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Phone: 559-733-0642

Services available through Kaweah Health Hospice Grief Support are:

  • In-person one-on-one encouragement and care specifically focused on grief and loss.
  • An ongoing supportive presence in your grieving process and in your healing process.
  • Vetted bereavement handouts and information available in English and Spanish.
  • Spouse loss support groups
  • General grief support group
  • Children’s bereavement group (4-week class for children and families experiencing grief)
  • “Grief and The Holidays,” a workshop for those going through grief during festive times
  • Memorial events for family, friends, and staff affected by loss
  • “Good Grief Camp” annual fall event using games, art, crafts, to provide a friendly atmosphere where children encounter coping skills and kindred spirits during their grief.

One-on-One Sessions

Specifically, for those desiring one-on-one sessions with James — His related education is an M.S. in Pastoral Ministry from Pepperdine University. His most recent training in grief and loss was six units of Clinical Pastoral Education from 2019-21, where he was a Resident Hospital Interfaith Chaplain at CRMC Fresno from 20-21, during the Pandemic. James has had vast experience in grief support as a youth pastor, senior pastor, volunteer fire chaplain (3 years), volunteer military veteran chaplain (10 years), volunteer police chaplain (22 years), and on-call Adventist Health chaplain (8 years). He also has provided support on the advisory board for “Dawnings,” a pregnancy and parenting mentoring group in Dinuba. He has been employed at Kaweah Health Hospice since January. His vocation and volunteering is connected to providing care and support.

“Our goal at Kaweah Hospice Bereavement is for you to encounter safe and encouraging people and spaces, so you can grieve in healthy ways, and experience help and healing.”

James Susee, Bereavement Coordinator