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Meet the Faculty

Psychiatry Faculty

Mandeep Bagga, MD

Mandeep Bagga, MD, Program Director and Vice Chair, Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine
Residency: East Carolina University (ECU) Brody School of Medicine
Fellowship: Duke University 2016, ECT and Other Brain Stimulation Therapies
Residents and medical students train directly under the guidance of the Program Director on the inpatient psychiatry rotation.

Ralph Agnello, Faculty and Attorney at Law
Judge Ralph Angello is a hearing officer for cases at the mental health hospital. He supervises residents on their forensic rotation providing education for psychiatric court proceedings and assigned reading.

Mark Dailey, DO

Mark Dailey, DO, Core Faculty
Residency: Kaweah Health
Dr. Dailey joined Kaweah Health as faculty upon graduation and supervises residents on inpatient psychiatry and participates in program educational activities.

Rahi Daneshvar, MD

Rahi Daneshvar, MD, Core Faculty
Residency: Henry Ford Hospital
Dr. Daneshvar is dually board in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. During residency he completed advanced ECT training. He supervises residents and medical students while on the inpatient psychiatry rotations and participates in program educational activities.

Setare Eslami, MD, Core Faculty
Residency: Kaweah Health

Cory Jaques, MD

Cory Jaques, MD, Associate Program Director of Outpatient and Core Faculty
Residency and Fellowship: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Dr. Jaques is dually board in Adult and Child Psychiatry, supervises residents in the outpatient adult and child clinics, is heavily involved in formal didactics and participates in program educational activities.. His current research and writing interest are in the world of Forensics and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, bullying, cyberbullying and LGBT youth. “I hope that residents enjoy the training they receive here. Residency is hard enough as it is, but can be made easier with a little fun sometimes. Because I have a passion for treating children, I hope to inspire residents to pursue fellowship training in Child and Adolescent psychiatry.”

Samantha Kennedy, Ph.D., Core Faculty, Psychotherapy

ChristineLe, DO, Core Faculty
Residency: Kaweah Health

Lester Love, MD

Lester Love, MD, Faculty
Residency: University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Lester Love is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Family Medicine as well as serves as the Medical Director for the Tulare County Department of Mental Health. He also holds graduate degrees/studies in philosophy, theology, and electric engineering.

Albert Ma, MD

Albert Ma, MD, Core Faculty
Residency: University of Illinois
Fellowship: Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center
Dr. Albert Ma is dually boarded in Adult and Child psychiatry. He supervises residents during their inpatient child psychiatry rotation. His areas of expertise include pediatric psychopharmacology and autistic spectrum disorders.

Richard Pantera, MD, Director of Neurology and Core Faculty
Residency: Washington University
Dr. Pantera supervises residents from multiple specialties and medical students on the inpatient neurology rotation. He was the resident elected faculty member of the year for the 2017-2018 academic year. Residents stated: “No robot can ever replace him. He fully engages the residents who rotate with him and is an endless source of interesting stories, patient presentations, and useful concise clinical knowledge that can be applied across all specialties. He has high expectations for the psych residents and his affiliation with our program also promotes the valuable role of psychiatry to other departments. No AI can ever replace him.”

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips, Program Coordinator
Michelle started her career at Kaweah Health just right before the first class of residents started in 2014. She is heavily involved with the program and is an advocate for the program, faculty and residents. Michelle participates in the GME Wellness Committee and is a volunteer for No One Dies Alone at Kaweah Health.

Gagandeep Randhawa, MD

Gagandeep Randhawa, MD, Core Faculty
Residency: Kaweah Health
Dr. Randhawa provides supervision during the community outpatient continuity clinic and during a portion of the geriatric and addiction rotations at the Tulare County Mental Health Clinic as well as participates in program educational activities.. “Training at Kaweah Health will be very valuable. As a resident I was able to learn from and manage care of so many patients with rare illnesses that I had only read about before. There is a wide variety of pathology in this area, great place to learn psychiatry.”

Khadija Rashid, MD, Faculty
Residency and Fellowship: SUNY Update Medical University
Dr. Rashid is dually boarded in Neurology and Sleep Medicine. She provides back up supervision to Dr. Pantera on the Neurology rotation and presents during didactics.

Saqib Rashid, MD, Core Faculty
Residency and Fellowship: Upstate Medical University Hospital
Dr. Rashid holds multiple board certificates in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Pulmonary Disease, Addiction Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Obesity Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine. His clinical interest include Palliative care in ICU, COPD and smoking cessation, metabolic syndromes and insulin resistance, insomnia, and management of the critically ill morbidly obese patient.

.Abdolreza Saadabadi

Abdolreza Saadabadi, MD, Associate Program Director of Inpatient and Chair for the Department
Residency and Fellowship: UCLA-Kern
Dr. Saadabadi is dually boarded in Adult and Child Psychiatry and supervises residents during their adult inpatient psychiatry rotation and participates in program educational activities.. His research interests are: Psychopharmacology, Biological Psychiatry, Neurosciences, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Wellbeing and Self-improvement.“Our program is welcoming and supportive. We provide a great training opportunity at a unique community/ academic hybrid model with access to a rural mental health clinic. Our residents and faculty are very caring and have created a great working environment.”

Rubby Saini, MD

Rubby Saini, MD, Core Faculty
Residency: Carolina University (ECU) Brody School of Medicine
Dr. Saini provides supervision and mentorship in one of our rural health care clinics located in Exeter (15 minutes from Visalia) and participates in program educational activities.

Gurpreet Sandhu, MD

Gurpreet Sandhu, MD, Associate Program Director and Core Faculty
Residency: Rutgers New Jersey
Dr. Sandhu is dually board in Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. He supervises residents while on inpatient psychiatry rotations and participates in program educational activities.. His research interests are: Addiction Medicine, Depression, Bipolar d/o, and Prevention of Suicide. Medical Students should consider Residency here because “very good psychopathologies are available for learning in our program including inpatient, CL and outpatient. KDMC and KDMHH are big hospitals that cover vast population.”

Michael Serna, MD

Michael Serna, MD, Core Faculty
Residency: Kaweah Health
Dr. Serna supervises residents during their outpatient continuity clinic, consult-liaison rotatinos, during a portion of their addiction and geriatric rotations and participates in program educational activities.. His current research interest focuses on the negative outcomes related to medications. “I hope that residents come away with a better understanding of people and mental illness that will allow them to provide compassionate care to patients.”

David Sheski, MD, Core Faculty

Residency: UCLA/San Fernando Valley Program

Fellowship: UCLA/Olive View Medical Center Dr. Sheski supervises residents during their Emergency Psychiatry and Consult-liaison rotations and participates in program educational activities. He is dually boarded in Adult Psychiatry and in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry/Psychosomatic Medicine.

Luis Velosa, MD

Luis Velosa, MD, Faculty
Residency: Wayne State University
Fellowship: University of Michigan.
Dr. Luis Velosa is Board Certified in General, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Dr. Velosa has his MBA in HealthCare and a Diploma in International Mental Health Law and Human Rights from a World Health Organization program at the International Law School in Pune, India. He has extensive experience in both private practice and criminal forensic psychiatry serving as an expert witness for courts across the Central Valley.