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Parkinson's Disease Treatment in Tulare County

Who is appropriate for LSVT Big?

Patients with Parkinson’s disease or similar neurological conditions who present with limited body movements. This program was specifically developed for patients with Parkinson’s disease to address their specific limitations including shuffling gait, stiffness and balance problems. Other Parkinsonism syndromes may also benefit from this program as well.

If you are struggling with any of the above symptoms our physical therapist can help.

What is LSVT Big?

Recently principles of LSVT LOUD were applied to limb movement in people with Parkinson disease (LSVT BIG) and have been documented to be effective in the short term. Specifically, training increased amplitude of limb and body movement (Bigness) in people with Parkinson disease has documented improvements in amplitude (trunk rotation/gait) that generalized to improved speed (upper/lower limbs), balance, and quality of life. In addition, people were able to maintain these improvements when challenged with a dual task.

LSVT BIG is delivered by a physical therapist at Exeter Therapy Specialists. Treatment is administered in 16 sessions over a single month (four individual 60 minute sessions per week). Let us help you get back to life.

Service Location:

  • Exeter Therapy Specialists, 1131 W. Visalia Road, Exeter

For more information call (559) 592-7342