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Articles and Research on Stroke Risk

Articles on health equity from the American Heart Association

The Urgent Need for Health Equity

Everyone has an optimal, just opportunity to be healthy. But this is not the reality for many people of color and others whose health suffers because of social factors beyond their control. People suffer when they lack access to quality care, nutritious food, and other basic health needs.

Learn about the 2024 Health Equity Impact Goal.

Mounting 'social determinants' could magnify stroke risk

The cumulative effect of several social factors can more than double the risk of stroke in people under 75, according to new research that examined the impact of living in a poor or rural area, having low education or income level, lacking health insurance, or being Black.

Read the research about the cumulative effect of social factors of health and increase in stroke risk.

Environment, culture, other social determinants play big role in heart health

Social determinants of health are factors that influence where and how people live, learn, work and play. They provide context to a person's life and can play just as big of a role in affecting health as medications and physical lifestyle changes.

Learn how social factors of health influence a person's cardiovascular health.