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Frequently Asked Questions

Background Check: How long does it take for the background check to clear?

It depends on how many places you have lived & worked, and how quickly we receive a response from your professional references and educational institutions. We will check in often and let you know if there is anything needed from you directly to expedite.

Background Check: Do I have to do anything to initiate the background check?

No, the recruitment team will initiate the background check on your behalf through our third-party vendor Universal Background Screening. Please note, if Universal needs anything from you to continue, they may reach out to you directly from an 800 number. They will reach out to your professional references as well, so you will want to prepare your references for this out-of-area call to avoid delays.

New Hire Paperwork: What if my New Hire Paperwork is not available online after my job offer?

Please connect with our recruitment specialist for troubleshooting. On occasion, the name provided on your employment application and the name listed in your online applicant profile differ and can affect new hire paperwork visibility.

New Hire Paperwork: How do I complete the Physical Evaluation Form?

This is a medical history form for your upcoming new hire physical exam. No need to complete electronically. You will simply print this form from the online portal and complete it in pen in preparation for your future appointment.

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New Hire Paperwork: What if I completed my New Hire Paperwork and then it disappeared from my applicant portal?

As soon as we see that you have completed your electronic new hire forms, we will close them out and they are no longer visible in your applicant portal. Don’t worry, this is just the standard process to keep you moving through the new hire process.

Physical Evaluation: Do I have to schedule a physical with my provider?

No, the recruitment team will contact you directly to schedule your physical at Kaweah Health upon completion of your background check.

Physical Evaluation: How do I prepare for my physical?

This appointment will include a drug screen, TB skin test, immunization screening and physical exam to confirm that you meet the physical requirements of the position. Please remember to hydrate in preparation for a urine drug screen and potential lab draws. Lastly, make sure to print and complete the Physical Evaluation form in advance of your exam and bring it along with you to your appointment.

Note: A valid photo ID will be required to complete the physical exam.

Physical Evaluation: If I haven’t had a TB test or Flu shot, do I need to get one before the physical?

No, these will be administered at the time of your physical appointment. Although, if you’ve had a flu shot this season, or a TB test within the last 12 months, please bring the documentation along with you.

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Physical Evaluation: I had a Quantiferon TB test done do I need another one?

If your Quantiferon is within 12 weeks of your orientation start date it is sufficient to meet our TB requirements, no further testing is needed. Kaweah Health requires a two-step process for TB. If your Quantiferon or TB skin test is within a year it counts as the first step. We would place the second step TB at your physical appointment with us.

Please note: You will be required to return to Kaweah Health 48 hours following your TB skin test for reading and clearance. If you are traveling in for your appointment, or following your TB skin placement, please discuss with the Employee Health Nurse during your appointment.

Physical Evaluation: What if I can’t find my immunization records?

If you do not have access to your “yellow card” or know where to locate your immunization records, here are a few suggestions:

  • Contact your previous employer or temporary agency
  • Contact your previous high school or college and/or their health services department
  • Contact your primary care physician

We encourage you to do all you can to obtain your records. If you do not have some or all of your immunization records, we will test for immunity in your upcoming pre-employment physical exam and notify you if additional vaccinations/boosters are needed.

Physical Evaluation: What if I am going on vacation before starting my position?

Please provide your plans to your recruiter so that the dates of vacation may be factored into the onboarding process. You may need to complete pre-employment appointments and follow-up before your departure if you plan on being out of town before orientation. The Kaweah Health sponsored pre-employment physical has to be within 30 days of your start date.

HR Appointment: How do I dress for my HR Appointment?

Please come dressed professionally, as we will be taking a photo for your employee badge. If you feel more comfortable in a scrub uniform, that is certainly welcomed.

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HR Appointment: What documents do I bring for I9 purposes?

We must verify your identity and authorization to work in the United States. There are several acceptable documents you can bring for I9 purposes. We cannot legally advise you on what to bring. All documents presented must be unexpired. Please refer to the List of Acceptance Documents page on the I9 Form for a complete list of appropriate documentation.

HR Appointment: Why do I have to bring my Social Security Card?

All new employees must present an original Social Security Card to Human Resources. Please note, collection of your Social Security Card is needed for payroll purposes only, ensuring that we are reporting wages under the correct name and number.

HR Appointment: If I lost my Social Security Card and requested it from the Social Security Administration, what should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring the receipt provided by the Social Security Administration as proof that you have requested your Social Security Card and it is pending mailing. Our HR team will follow up with you to obtain a copy of your original card within 30 days.

HR Appointment: What if my Driver’s License is expired?

Please note, your I9 documents cannot be expired. Please visit your local DMV or you may be eligible to renew it online. Please bring the receipt of renewal to your appointment.

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Orientation: How do I find out about my work schedule and where to report after orientation?

Your supervisor will reach out to you once you clear the pre-employment process to provide you with your work schedule and where to report following completion of hospital orientation. Contact our Recruitment Specialist if you have any questions or concerns.

Orientation: Is there a particular color of scrubs that I need to purchase?

The majority of the departments/units do not require a particular color uniform. Some departments do require a special uniform and will provide to employees upon start in the department. Should you have questions, please contact your manager or recruiter.

Miscellaneous: Why does my applicant account say I was not selected for the position under application history?

Our online system shows you the status of each of your unique application submittals. Sometimes, the exact position you applied for has been filled, and we had to link you to another job opening to proceed. Unfortunately, our system will not show you the position we linked you to for hire. We know this creates confusion, and we apologize. Rest assured, you are the candidate of choice for this position and the job offer was extended as per your call with your Recruiter.

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