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Integrated Fitness

Integrated Fitness is a program of Therapy Specialists, a division of Kaweah Health, offering Pilates and personal training. Both are a vital and healthy way to keep and gain strength and flexibility. Our doors are open to people of all ages. We welcome anyone from professional athletes to people struggling with balance and are committed to cross training safely and in an effort to prevent injury. Pilates and personal training can help you strengthen muscles and balance muscle tone. Tight muscles can gain flexibility too, to help you move with ease and comfort. Pilates and personal training can also help with the following:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Breath
  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Posture
  • Joint Range of Motion


  • Pilates Classes (mat and equipment)
  • Gym Circuit
  • Pilates Sessions
  • Personal Training
  • Tai Chi
  • Running Wise
  • Independent Gym
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