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Endovascular Minimally Invasive Techniques

Why Have Minimally Invasive Endovascular Surgery at Kaweah Health?

The vascular system is a complex pathway of blood vessels and arteries that guide blood throughout the entire body. When everything is flowing smoothly, there are no problems. When these vessels or arteries become narrowed (occluded) or start to balloon (aneurysm), it can create potentially dangerous conditions in the body. At Kaweah Health, we provide our patients who have vascular problems with solutions to help them lead normal, healthy lives.

What Is Minimally Invasive Endovascular Surgery?

Some of the most common forms of endovascular surgery include adding stents to narrowed vessels or arteries and the treatment of aortic, aneurysms, and carotid artery disease. These types of minimally invasive techniques involve running a catheter into the vessel or artery to either place a stent to open a passageway or fix a ballooned and weakened arterial wall, such as an aneurysm.

The vascular surgeons who partner with Kaweah Health are expertly trained in providing diagnosis and treatment options for vascular conditions and diseases. They have performed thousands of these minimally invasive procedures. This means you’ll benefit from their expertise – you’ll have faster healing, a lower chance for complications and less scarring. Turn to the experts at Kaweah Health if you need vascular surgery.