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Grant Funding

Criteria And Procedure For Grant Funding Requests

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Kaweah Health Hospital Foundation exists to support the needs of Kaweah Health.

Kaweah Health Hospital Foundation will consider written grant funding requests from Health Care District entities that meet the following criteria:

Criteria For Funding Requests

  • Applicants must check for other funds within their department and/or departmental budget before applying to the Foundation.
  • All proposals funded shall be directed toward efforts and services within the Health Care District.
  • All proposals submitted by District staff will have the approval of the District vice president overseeing the area for which the funding is requested.
  • All proposals funded must include methodology for measurement and/or evaluation of the outcome.
  • The Foundation may require feedback in writing regarding implementation, monitoring, and evaluation from the requesting entity at intervals agreed upon when funding is awarded.

Procedure For Funding Requests

  • Complete the Foundation’s Request for Undesignated Funds form.
  • Submit the Request form to the Foundation Office, who will check for completeness and then submit it to the Grant Committee.
  • All proposals will be evaluated by the Grant Committee. If necessary the committee will meet with those making the request. The Grants Committee will recommend approval or disapproval of the request to the full Foundation Board for final approval.
  • Those requesting funding may attend committee or board meetings upon invitation. They will be excused before any vote of the committee or board is taken.