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KD News You Can Use: PPE Survey Results

November 2, 2020

Hi Team!

In the last month, we have collected nearly 500 team member responses from our PPE survey. We sent this survey out to make sure our team members across the District know how to access and use PPE, and to explore any other ideas or concerns people might still have. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and spent time sending us your thoughts. We were very happy to see 98-99% of the respondents knew where to access their PPE and how to use it. For those areas where people expressed problems or confusion with PPE, we were able to connect that information back to department leaders to address with their teams. We also had about 99% of respondents state they know what to do if they feel sick or suspect they have COVID-like symptoms. From the responses to this question, we were able to put together another simple algorithm or reference for you all on what to do if you have symptoms of COVID. The reference sheet is attached to this message.

In addition to multiple choice questions, we asked two very open ended questions to help us understand the PPE climate around the District and learn where we can help. From the approximately 200 responses we received, we developed a Q&A document and Stoplight Report. You all shared several ideas we will be taking into consideration by either exploring implementation or by making improvements in processes. We have attached the Q&A document with answers to all the questions asked in the survey, along with a copy of the Stoplight Report addressing your concerns. We will routinely update this report and include it in the biweekly Command Center update. We are appreciative of your ideas and suggestions, and are taking them seriously as we work to make changes.

If you have more questions after reviewing the Q&A document and Stoplight Report, please do not hesitate to reach out. It our priority to ensure you have answers to your questions and the resources needed to do your job. Additional attachments include a flyers covering what to do if you are sick and where rapid testing is available at our various KD clinics.

Thank you for sharing your insight and experience with us!

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